Mountain Air Ranch: Colorado’s Bare Truth

mountain air ranch

Mountain Air Ranch Colorado’s Most Popular Nudist Resort For Over 80 Years

Think about the laundry savings. Arrive Saturday with only the clothes you’re wearing, relax and play the entire weekend, then depart Sunday with those garments barely wrinkled. It can be done at Mountain Air Ranch, Colorado’s only nudist resort.

Hanging around in the buff is nothing new. One in three Americans admits to skinny-dipping in mixed company, according to one poll. Another poll suggests that more than 80 million of us would be willing to bare it all on a clothing-optional beach. Nudism has been one of the fastest growing segments of tourism in the world today, and, although it may not suit everyone, Coloradans flock like jaybirds to clothing-free recreation sites.

colorado nudist
Mountain Air Ranch provides kids a fun place to play during unique family vacations.

Finding an appropriate place to peel publicly is a challenge, but Mountain Air Ranch, one of nearly 270 American Association for Nude Recreation-sanctioned clubs and resorts in North America, provides a safe haven.

Tucked in the foothills west of Denver near Indian Hills, its 150 secluded acres contain everything needed for undraped fun. Cabins, tent sites and hookups await campers. Hikers have 10 miles of trails to traipse. A large swimming pool, hot tub and sauna attract water aficionados, and sports buffs engage in volleyball, shuffleboard, horseshoes and bocce, an Italian form of lawn bowling. Children frolic in the grassy playground and dig in a huge sandbox.

A social committee organizes pool-side picnics and dances, chili cook-offs, steak fries and luaus. Kids march in Independence Day parades and compete in field-day tournaments, while adult players vie for sports championships. In winter, the clubhouse bursts with potlucks, casino nights and dances, where the musicians frequently end up as bare as the audience.

Because some people still believe nude is lewd, everyone at Mountain Air is on a first-name-only basis. Anonymity is so well protected that, in one family, the parents and adult children individually belonged, but neither told the other. One weekend, both visited at the same time and … surprise!

Strict membership requirements maintain a family atmosphere. Visitors and potential new members may visit three times before being required to make application for membership, and admission by unaccompanied single males is strictly limited. Any unwanted touching, harassment, sexual contact or other offensive behavior is prohibited, making this one of the safest retreats for single women.

Unlike some public sites, the ranch is well sheltered from gawkers. Its location in a heavily wooded valley prevents outside visibility, and a manager guarding the only entrance keeps out the riffraff.

nudist resort colorado
Nudist resorts offer a back-to-basics, natural environment.

You might expect everyone at a nudist park to look like Calvin Klein models who just dropped their drawers, but that’s not the case. At Mountain Air, one quickly discovers that most real adults have their share of sags, cellulite, scars, wrinkles, folds, stretch marks, love handles and beer bellies. And, at Mountain Air Ranch, nobody cares.

Most first-time visits to Mountain Air Ranch are suggested by the husband, whose wife sometimes is reluctant to participate. Interestingly, after the first visit, she frequently is the one who longs to return. Could it be the significant decrease in Monday morning laundry?

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