Classic Meets Modern: The Edwards House in Fort Collins

Being a bustling college town and having more restaurants per capita than any other place in Colorado, there is a lot to see and do in Fort Collins during your Colorado vacation. With several dozen different lodging choices, there are just a few that stand out as exemplary. One of these is the Edwards House, a historic Bed and Breakfast.

The Edwards House

This updated Gothic home houses rooms where guests can enjoy a mixture of colonial, Victorian, and federal-styled furniture with a contemporary twist.
edwards house fort collins colorado
The beautiful wood in the upstairs hallway at Edwards House.

The Suites

If you decide to bed down at Edwards House during your stay in Fort Collins, there are a number of room options to choose from. Patrons can choose between eight different guest rooms, each unique in their own right.

Starting with the largest room, the Montezuma Fuller Suite, guests are presented with a mix of modern and colonial styled décor. The Fuller Suite comes complete with a queen sized bed with wooden sleigh frame, fireplace, in-room bathroom with Jacuzzi tub and separate shower.

Serving as the official-unofficial Honeymoon Suite, the Fuller room presents its inhabitants with a spacious yet intimate atmosphere to relish in during their Colorado honeymoon.

With the help of its skylight and windows, the Fuller Room’s color scheme of brown, teal, gold, and amber gives it an inviting feel making it perfect for couples.  The Edward House’s other suite, the Franklin and Avery Sara Suite, has a distinctly different décor scheme from the Fuller Suite.

With an emphasis on floral print wallpaper and linens, this room presents its occupants with a more colonial styled theme.  This room’s rustic furniture and blue and gold claw-foot tub exudes a presence of a simpler, less complicated time which is fitting for this historic Fort Collins home.

edwards house bedroom fort collins
The Auntie Stone Room is in the detached lodge at Edwards House.

The Rooms

While the other rooms in the house may not be as large as the Fuller and Franklin Avery Sara suites, they extend a mix of the themes that are found in both.

Guests will find that rooms such as the Muldrum Room incorporate a mix of the Fuller Suite’s slightly more contemporary décor with that of the colonial style that is found in the Franklin Avery Sara Suite.  This is done by mixing the colonial-style furniture that is found in the Avery Suite with the golden atmosphere of the Fuller Suite with the addition of lanai-style wicker chairs and couches added to the mix.

The Lodge

Detached from the main building is the lodge, which contains the Auntie Stone and William O. Collins rooms.  In both rooms, overnighters will find a dominant gold color scheme with unique wall and ceiling angles that produce an otherworldly and surreal glow, giving it a setting sun-like atmosphere.

Offering seclusion from the main building and the other bed and breakfasters, these rooms are for those who wish to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet during their Colorado vacation. Both come with amenities such as claw-foot tubs with separate shower rooms, gas burning wood stoves, and four post queen size beds.

The History

Aside from being a magnificent guest house, the Edwards House has an interesting history. The house was built in 1904 for Alfred Augustus Edwards. The cost was $6,000. Alfred served as president of the State Board of Agriculture. Edwards was also involved in irrigation. In addition, he was the Larimer County treasurer and city alderman. Edwards and Phoebe, his wife, had three children: James, Walter, and Ruth. Alfred died in 1935. The home remained in the family until Ruth sold it in 1981 for $126,000.

Some of the notable features include the arched windows in the Avery Room and the west side above the stairway landing. The large windows on the south side allowed more daylight to flow into the living area. The front porch offered large columns that added beauty to the structure. Enjoying their home, as they did, the Edwards Family lived there until 1981. Ruth Edwards then put the house up for sale, and it sold in less than one day to a group of investors.

Later, the house was enlarged to create guest accommodations, and it became a bed and breakfast in 1993. The Edwards House went through extensive renovations. The final result was that the house was modified from a quaint house to a luxurious boutique inn. It resulted in fusing the modern elegance and Victorian charm while protecting the historical importance of this local icon. Today guests refer to the bed and breakfast as an enchanting place to stay and reiterate that it is a wonderful experience.

The Edwards House is located at 402 West Mountain Avenue Fort Collins, CO 80521.

For more information on Edwards House Bed and Breakfast, visit their site: or call: (970) 493-9191.