Boyero – a True Ghost Town

Boyero, Colorado, is considered a classic prairie ghost town. The once-bustling area came about from the railroad tracks it supported and once reached a population of 500. Today there are so few people living in the community that Boyero is not included in past census counts. The post office has closed, the small grocery store collapsed. Most of the buildings have fallen to the ground. Others sit in decay.

The Origins of Boyero, Colorado

The community was named after the local cattle industry. Boyero means “bullpen” in Spanish. It became an unincorporated area in Lincoln County, Colorado. It was granted a U.S. Post Office in 1902. As the town’s population declined, and businesses vanished, the mail center was closed in 1973. 

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Boyero Still Offers Sites for the Eyes

Many ranchers settled in the area. Cattle became a way of life. Today visitors can see the original streets that were plotted out at the birth of the town. History buffs still travel to the town to see the remains, and many marvel over the foundations of houses that still remain. One of the last standing structures was the general store. But, it has finally given up. The only remains are the concrete slab where it once stood proud. A few of the other buildings remain, although they are mostly in various states of decay.

The Building of Mystery

Sitting next to the railroad tracks is a large two-story building. It is known as the building of mystery. An addition to the building was added, but no one knows when. The Building of Mystery has many myths that cause a lot of curiosity. Some people believe it was a boarding house. Others think it was the home of the mansion of the big boss. People also wonder if the local gang of outlaws would stay there. Many people question what kind of important deals were made inside the walls. The questions remain to this day. Everything that is suspected remains a mystery.

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Things Looked Promising in Boyero

The ranchers bought more cattle and more land, and the railroad kept the road gangs busy maintaining the rails. The initial success of Boyero started when it became a stage stop on the Golden Belt Route. It looked like Boyero was becoming a prosperous little town. Eventually, a school was built. Churches and homes sprouted up throughout the area. The era of the first building of automobiles brought cars to the area in the early 1900s. The town became the crossroads with a couple of state roads as well as a U.S. highway. Gas stations popped up. Repair shops opened. Saloons, dance halls, and fine eating restaurants were opened to serve the people. 

Everything Comes to a Halt

The town eventually became isolated when the state highway changed its route. The once-growing little community became isolated. It ended up five miles from the major highway. Another state road was re-routed, and this was the stroke of death for Boyero. Travelers, who once passed through the town, were no longer visiting. Many businesses closed. Following the changing sections of the railroad, this reduced the number of workers needed for the rails. More and more people moved from Boyero that left many empty houses. For a time, the ranchers kept the town afloat. Even so, their support was not sufficient to help keep the businesses operating. Today the ghost town has just a few families still calling Boyero their home. These families still travel down the old highway, which ran through the middle of town, which is now an old dusty road. As each year passes, a part of the town disappears. 

Visitors Enjoy Boyero, Colorado Because of the History

Many people interested in history, the wild west, and days gone by continue to go to Boyero to get a taste of the past. Spring is a great time to visit as that is when the green season begins, and the area becomes wondrous. The beautiful groves of trees, the numerous creeks, the long green grasses are awe-inspiring. Visitors receive a bonus from the numerous birds and critters they see. The eagles soar above, along with falcons and hawks. Visitors are in awe of the deer and the antelope that graze in the meadows. Predators, such as coyotes and foxes, also move about looking for another meal. 

Accommodations are Nearby

Many people stay in nearby Limon and make a day trip out of the short drive to Boyero. You can find a variety of motels and hotels ranging from the Rodeway Inn, Safari Inn, and Comfort Inn to the Holiday Inn Express & Suites. People who prefer more of an adventure stay at the KOA campgrounds, which offer a swimming pool and other amenities. 

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Plenty of Places to Eat

There are a variety of restaurants from which to choose. There is the Country Corner Cafe. It has received a five-star rating from customers. It serves American and Greek food. People who enjoy Mexican food often try La Posadita Mexican Restaurant. Customers say they serve great street tacos as well as a fantastic order of tamales. A traditional American meal can be found at J.J.’s Restaurant. Their menu offers everything from Popcorn Shrimp to Chicken Fried Steak dinners.

A Beautiful Drive from Denver, Colorado

Some people enjoy the drive from Denver to Boyero, Colorado. The 133-mile trip takes about two hours. This gives people ample time to walk and drive through the ghost town, which once stood proud and strong. You can close your eyes and imagine the different decaying buildings and how they once looked. You can also imagine some of the former homes and the families that lived in them. Close your eyes one more time and try to imagine the people going in and out of the post office and the old country store. Boyero is not what it once was, but it still represents an interesting history from the past.

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