Denver’s Dining Delights: The Coolest Restaurants to Satisfy Every Palate

Denver, Colorado, is a food lover’s heaven with a booming culinary industry in addition to its stunning mountain views and recreational activities. The Mile-High City has everything you could possibly want, including creative fusion food, locally sourced farm-to-table fare, and a historic setting with a contemporary twist. We’ll take readers on a gastronomic tour of some of Denver’s most hippest eateries in this blog article, which will be useful for both locals and tourists.

Our List Of The Coolest Restaurants In Denver

The Urban Farmer: A Farm-to-Table Haven

The Urban Farmer

Located in the heart of Denver, The Urban Farmer is a farm-to-table restaurant that celebrates the region’s rich agricultural heritage. With a menu filled with locally sourced ingredients, this restaurant offers everything from prime steaks and seafood to garden-fresh vegetables. The rustic yet modern decor creates an inviting atmosphere, making it a must-visit for those who appreciate sustainable dining.

Snooze: An A.M. Eatery: Brunch Heaven

Snooze is a beloved Denver institution, famous for its inventive breakfast and brunch offerings. With multiple locations throughout the city, it’s a go-to spot for both locals and tourists. Their pancake flights, breakfast tacos, and creative Benedicts make every visit a delightful culinary adventure.

El Five: Mediterranean Marvel with a View

For a taste of the Mediterranean and stunning cityscape views, El Five is a top pick. Perched high above Denver in the LoHi neighborhood, this restaurant offers a unique blend of Spanish, Middle Eastern, and North African flavors. The rooftop patio provides breathtaking vistas of the city and the Rockies, making it a perfect spot for a romantic dinner or cocktails with friends.

The Bindery: Where Creativity Meets Cuisine

The Bindery is a culinary gem in Denver’s LoHi neighborhood. This restaurant is known for its innovative menu that blends global flavors with locally inspired dishes. The industrial-chic design of the space provides a unique backdrop for memorable dining experiences. Don’t miss their fresh pastries and bread, made in-house daily.

Root Down: Elevate Your Taste Buds with Denver’s Sustainable Sensation

Root Down

Located in a converted gas station, Root Down offers a sustainable and seasonally-inspired menu that features locally sourced ingredients. This farm-to-table restaurant is known for its innovative dishes, creative cocktails, and commitment to eco-friendly practices. The eclectic decor and welcoming ambiance make it a popular spot for both locals and visitors. Be sure to try their globally influenced small plates and craft cocktails.

Linger: Dine with a View at Linger – Where Global Flavors Dance on Your Plate

Housed in a former mortuary, Linger is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that blends a unique setting with globally inspired cuisine. The menu features small plates from various countries, each with a modern twist. The rooftop patio provides stunning views of the city and the Rocky Mountains. Linger’s creative cocktails and commitment to sustainability add to its appeal, making it a top choice for those seeking an unforgettable dining experience.

The Source: Denver’s Culinary Haven: Explore the Flavors of The Source Marketplace

The Source is not just a restaurant but a culinary marketplace in Denver’s vibrant RiNo (River North) neighborhood. It houses several food vendors, including Acorn, a restaurant known for its wood-fired cooking and inventive dishes. Acorn’s menu emphasizes sharing and offers a mix of contemporary American cuisine with global influences. The industrial-chic ambiance of The Source, combined with Acorn’s culinary excellence, makes it a standout destination for food enthusiasts.

Sushi Sasa: Crafting Culinary Artistry, One Sushi Roll at a Time

Located in the heart of Denver, Sushi Sasa is a culinary gem that takes sushi to an entirely new level. With a commitment to using the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, this restaurant elevates sushi to an art form. Each roll is a masterpiece, blending traditional Japanese flavors with innovative twists. Whether you’re a sushi connoisseur or a newcomer to this exquisite cuisine, Sushi Sasa promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Mercantile Dining and Provision: Where Farm-Fresh Meets Urban Elegance

Mercantile Dining and Provision in Denver’s historic Union Station is a celebration of locally sourced, farm-fresh ingredients served in an elegant urban setting. The restaurant’s menu showcases the best Colorado has to offer, with a focus on seasonal flavors and creative dishes that pay homage to the region’s agricultural heritage. From artisanal cheeses to house-cured charcuterie, Mercantile offers a true farm-to-table experience that will tantalize your taste buds.

Rioja: A Journey Through Mediterranean Delights in the Heart of Denver

Step into the warm and inviting ambiance of Rioja, where Mediterranean flavors come to life in the Mile-High City. Nestled in historic Larimer Square, this restaurant offers a culinary journey inspired by the coastal cuisines of Spain, Italy, and France. Rioja’s menu features a symphony of flavors, with dishes like paella, house-made pasta, and wood-grilled octopus. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply savoring a night out, Rioja’s Mediterranean delights are sure to transport your taste buds.

Themed Restaurants In Denver

Looking for that perfect place to eat in the Mile-High city? Here are some themed restaurants in Denver to try next!

Clockwork Café: Journey Through Time in Steampunk Splendor

Transport yourself to a world where Victorian elegance meets futuristic innovation at Denver’s Clockwork Café. This steampunk-themed restaurant invites diners to explore a world of brass and gears while savoring a menu inspired by the imaginative fusion of past and future. From clockwork-inspired decor to creatively crafted dishes, Clockwork Café offers an unforgettable dining experience that’s a true feast for the senses.

Buckaroo Bistro: Saddle Up for a Taste of the Old West

Saddle up for a culinary adventure at Buckaroo Bistro, Denver’s Old West-themed restaurant. Step into a rustic frontier setting complete with weathered wood, vintage memorabilia, and the spirit of the Wild West. The menu pays homage to cowboy cuisine with hearty dishes like smoked brisket, chili, and campfire beans. Whether you’re a lone cowboy or part of a posse, Buckaroo Bistro promises a taste of the rugged, flavorful Old West.

Enchanted Eats: Dine in a World of Mystical Delights

Enter a realm of enchantment at Denver’s Enchanted Eats, a themed restaurant that whisks diners away to a magical world. From fairy-tale decor to whimsical menu items, this enchanting eatery immerses guests in a mystical experience. Enjoy dishes inspired by folklore and fantasy, from dragon-themed cocktails to unicorn burgers. Enchanted Eats is the perfect destination for those seeking a touch of magic with their meal.

Dim Sum Restaurants in Denver, Colorado

If you’re looking for delicious dim sum in Denver, look no further!

Here are three of the best places to get dim sum in the Mile High City.

Imperial Chinese Restaurant: A Culinary Odyssey Through China’s Imperial Past

Imperial Chinese Restaurant

Step into Denver’s Imperial Chinese Restaurant, where history and flavor harmonize. This restaurant offers a journey through China’s imperial culinary traditions, with dishes that evoke the opulence of emperors and dynasties. From Peking duck carved tableside to delicate dim sum, each bite is a taste of Chinese culinary heritage. Savor the elegance and grandeur of China’s past at Imperial Chinese Restaurant.

Hop Alley: A Bold and Flavorful Adventure Down Denver’s Hippest Alley

Hop Alley in Denver’s RiNo Arts District is more than a restaurant; it’s a culinary expedition. With a modern take on Chinese-American cuisine, this hotspot serves up bold and innovative flavors. From hand-pulled noodles to Szechuan-inspired dishes that pack a punch, Hop Alley is a foodie’s paradise. Join the vibrant crowd and explore the exciting world of Denver’s hippest alley.

Fat Dragon: Fire, Smoke, and Asian Fusion Bliss in the Heart of Denver

Fat Dragon invites you to experience the allure of Asian fusion cuisine with a smoky twist. This Denver restaurant combines the art of barbecue with the flavors of the Far East. From Korean BBQ platters to tender smoked meats infused with Asian spices, each dish is a fusion of taste and technique. Embark on a culinary journey where fire and smoke meet Asian-inspired bliss at Fat Dragon.

When it comes to dim sum, Denver has no shortage of great options! Whether you’re looking for authentic Cantonese cuisine or something a little more modern, there’s a restaurant that will suit your needs. So next time you’re in the mood for some dumplings or egg tarts, be sure to check out one of these great restaurants.

Other Popular Restaurants In Denver

523 E. 17 th Ave.

american restaurant
Steuben’s bustling mid-century style restaurant serves American classics from lunch into late night.

Why: Wonderfully retro food without fuss, clever cocktails, nostalgic desserts and a groovy atmosphere all add up to a terrific neighborhood spot that deserves its overwhelming popularity.

What: A rib-sticking menu culled from all of our favorite childhood food fantasies.

Who: Comfort food enthusiasts in and around the Uptown ’hood and everyone else hankering for god-this-is-good, humble sustenance.

Whine: Love the fact there’s a free parking lot; hate that it’s always full and the spots are barely big enough for a bicycle.

Superstar Asian, 2200 W. Alameda Ave. #5, Denver; 303-727-9889

Why: It’s cheaper than a flight to Shanghai, and the extraordinarily fresh dim sum is far better than anything you’ll ever eat in First Class.

What: Careening carts, vein-popping waits and complete and utter chaos on the weekends, which is exactly what you’d expect from a proper dim sum palace. If you don’t want all of that, head here on a weekday.

Who: Feasts of families, adventurous couples and dim sum lovers from around the region surrendering to whatever dumpling, bun, foot or Chinese delicacy is paraded before them.

Whine: The idiots who refuse to waitlist their names and instead head straight to a table during the peak weekend lunch rush.

Virgilio’s Pizzeria Napoletana, 10025 W. San Juan Way, Littleton; 303-972-1011;

Why: The excellent old-school, New York-style pizzas buck gourmet tendencies for pure, unadulterated cheese-laden, pepperoni propped pies. In other words, they’re the real thing.

What: Gratitude-inducing, hand-crafted pizzas that should come with the motto: “in crust we trust.”

Who: Families in the neighborhood, little league sports teams, and in-the-know pizza purists that come from miles around to stuff their pieholes.

Whine: Every time I go, the kitchen has exhausted their supply of the spinach pinwheels. Don’t they have a stash somewhere for beggars?

Deluxe, 30 S. Broadway, Denver; 303-722-1550

Why: This dimly lit, sultry and sleek South Broadway restaurant is everything a neighborhood spot should be, thanks to a friendly staff and the flawless cooking talents of chef-owner Dylan Moore.

What: Throwback California cuisine from the ’80s that somehow manages to stay up-to-the-minute modern.

Who: Sophisticated couples sitting side-by-side in the black banquettes and bona fide foodophiles jonesing for space at the chef’s counter, which is prime real estate for anyone fascinated by a professional kitchen.

Whine: It’s closed on Sunday and Monday, and the kitchen closes far too early for a restaurant that could easily get a posse of late-night noshers.

Frasca Food & Wine, 1738 Pearl St., Boulder; 303-442-6966;

Why: The unassailable, fresh local ingredients get kingly treatment at what is arguably the best restaurant in the Denver-Boulder area — and maybe the state.

What: Smashing Italian cuisine from the Friuli region, presented in ways that make you unapologetically swoon. This is a case where too much is never enough.

Who: The culinary cognoscenti, anyone and everyone who can snag a reservation and savvy walk-in diners who know that the best time to come is on weekdays when the doors open at 5:30 p.m. or after 9 p.m., when the bustle begins to slightly diminish.

Whine: After one dinner here, your expectations for everywhere else will double. Talk about a cruel irony.

Mizuna, 225 E. 7th Ave., Denver; 303- 832-4778;

Why: Even if you have to hold out for a reservation, a seat at star chef-owner Frank Bonanno’s butter-hued boutique of gastronomy is so worth the wait.

What: A kitchen that traverses the globe for inspiration, an inspired, ever-changing menu that never fails to impress, and remarkable ingredients that are analyzed, scrutinized and hand-picked by one of the city’s most discriminating chefs.

Who: Neighborhood residents, devoted out-of-towners, celebrities and fervent foodniks.

Whine: I wish there were more wines available by the glass.

Z Cuisine, 2239 W. 30th Ave., Denver; 303-477-1111;

Why: It’s the quintessential beauty and the bistro, a wholesome and simple, pocketbook-sized food temple overseen by Frenchman Patrick DuPays, a terrific chef that treats his ingredients like Crown Jewels.

What: A culinary Xanadu for both Francophiles and wine connoisseurs.

Who: Sophisticated habitués that long for classic French cooking.

Whine: The waits are agonizing, especially when there’s absolutely no wiggle room in the tiny dining room. Thank goodness an expansion into the space next door is in the works.

denver sushi
Sushi Sasa offers an outstanding menu of raw fish that’s artfully arranged, faultlessly fresh, flawlessly sliced and diced, and full of surprises.

Sahara, 9636 E. Arapahoe Rd., Greenwood Village; 303-790-4707;

Why: The cuisine may be ancient, but the kitchen’s lively treatment of ingredients, spices and exotic tastes somehow feels very new.

What: A Middle Eastern menu touting flavors so fresh and assertive that you don’t mind eating the same old tabbouleh, hummus and baba ghanouj for the umpteenth time.

Who: Mid-East feast fans, couples, business types and large families.

Whine: The pita bread, while passable, would be so much better if the kitchen made its own.

wine bar in denver
At Samplings Wine Bar you can sample wine flights, cozy up to a copper fireplace, read a book, and eat like a queen.