La Fromagerie: Longmont’s Big Cheese

The Cheese Importers warehouse in Longmont is a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Before Wild Oats, before Whole Foods Market or Sam’s Club, the warehouse’s retail store, La Fromagerie, was offering numerous free samples of European flavors throughout the store. The unusual cheeses, herbed dips and sauces are still served in colorful, quality French stoneware or on … Read more

Snow Play: Without the Skis

Snow Play: Without the Skis 2

Colorado has the good fortune of a “perfect storm” of conditions for winter sports enthusiasts. Mountainous terrain coupled with just-the-right-latitude brings us abundant winter snow, and that famed 300 days of sunshine per year make it all the more fun. It’s no surprise that we refer to the stuff as champagne powder — it’s light … Read more

Boulder’s Frasca: Fascinating Friuli-Inspired Fare

Boulder’s Frasca: Fascinating Friuli-Inspired Fare 4

The moment chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson and Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey opened their new Italian food temple, Frasca, in August of 2004, it became one of the most sought-after reservations in restaurantdom. As word spread of the duo’s pedigree – they both worked under chef extraordinaire Thomas Keller at Napa Valley’s French Laundry – citified Denver … Read more

Lyons Fork: Big-City Flavor in Tiny Mountain Town

Lyons Fork: Big-City Flavor in Tiny Mountain Town 6

You can’t miss Lyons Fork when strolling through downtown Lyons, Colorado. The old-timey building, once home to historic McAllister Saloon, lures visitors with its cute exterior, but don’t be fooled. This restaurant is no tourist trap. Wayne and Debbie Anderson reopened this historic café, formerly known as Cilantro Mary’s, in 2010. The couple didn’t overhaul … Read more

Quest for Que: Lip-Smackin’ Good

Quest for Que: Lip-Smackin’ Good 8

Five years ago, while on assignment for Sunset magazine, I went hog wild and cattle crazy, prowling the plains and prairies of Colorado for the state’s best barbecue. It was a dizzying trail hunt that took me from the high altitude of Durango to the flatlands of Strasburg searching out sauces and spice rubs, meaty … Read more

Kangaroo Kingdom: Mom’s Utopia

Kangaroo Kingdom: Mom’s Utopia 10

Simply utter the word “snow” to a mom with a toddler or preschooler and you are liable to be greeted with a frozen, panicked look. While the fluffy white stuff is undoubtedly festive, it may have you feeling a little crazed when faced with the reality of months of being housebound with a rambunctious child. … Read more

Culinary Kingdom: Restaurant Revolution in Boulder

Culinary Kingdom: Restaurant Revolution in Boulder 12

Four years ago, when Frasca Food and Wine opened its doors in Boulder — an eclectic college town better known for its hippy philosophies than its epicurean prowess — gastronaughts rejoiced. This, they insisted, was the start of a restaurant revolution. If two wunderkinds gave up their coveted French Laundry gigs at Thomas Keller’s Napa … Read more