Palettes: Popular Art Museum Restaurant Reopens

The debut of the Denver Art Museum’s Daniel Libeskind-designed Frederic C. Hamilton Building has made coast-to-coast headlines and elevated Colorado in both the art and architecture realms. Art lovers rejoiced. At the same time, foodies cheered the reopening of Palettes Contemporary Cuisine, Kevin Taylor’s restaurant in the museum, closed since 2004 while the Hamilton Building … Read more

Colorado Wine Country: Location, Location, Location

Colorado’s Grand Valley lies at the topographical junction of heaven and earth. On one side tower the Colorado Rockies, whose lofty summits reach steeple-like into the empyreal sky. In the opposite direction stretches the Colorado Plateau, a weather-sculpted fantasia of soaring cliffs, striated buttes and sinuous canyons. At this scenic merger of landforms lies Grand … Read more

Pacific Mercantile Co.: Downtown Denver’s Touch of Asia

I don’t remember the last time I wanted to buy fresh octopus, but there it was right in front of me, the tentacles wrapping around each other like a thick, fleshy ball of yarn. A little to the left, behind the glass panes of Pacific Mercantile Co.’s fish counter, a salmon head stared up at … Read more

Did You Hear That? Mountain Sounds in the Night

Did You Hear That? Mountain Sounds in the Night 4

“Wake up,” my wife said, shaking my shoulder. “Huh?” I snorted, startled, “What is it?” “That stupid porcupine is howling in the backyard again,” she said. I curled up in a ball and feigned sleep for a few more moments but I’d already been awake because that stupid porcupine sounded a lot like a ‘96 … Read more