Drink Up! Take a Denver-Area Wine Tour

Denver, one of the nation’s capitals for microbrew beers, also has a burgeoning wine industry. Although most of the state’s vineyards are on the Western Slope, more than a dozen wineries operate tasting rooms in the Denver area where visitors can sample award-winning vintages. And note this: You can buy wine from wineries on Sundays, … Read more

Aloha Organic Fruit: A Peach of a Place

Aloha Organic Fruit: A Peach of a Place 2

Steven Sherer and his wife Pat moved to Colorado’s Western Slope from Hawaii in 2008 with the intention of buying a small acreage in the Palisade area so they could have a few horses. Instead, they bought a peach orchard, and now operate a nine-acre orchard with 3,600 trees. Palisade, with its favorable 182-day growing … Read more

Westminster’s Butterfly Pavilion: An Enchanting World

Butterflies are born free and float gracefully in the Butterfly Pavilion at 6252 W. 104th Ave. in Westminster, Colorado. In my childhood, I chased butterflies and caught them with a net if I was lucky. Now, all I need do is walk through the doors of Westminster’s Butterfly Pavilion to discover the enchanting world of … Read more

Denver Firefighters Museum: What’s With All the Dalmatians?

What’s with the Dalmatians? Here’s another one, printed on the Children’s Gallery Guide. He is a funny looking cartoon dog carrying a water hose and wearing a firefighter’s helmet. “I need one just like him,” my 3-year old exclaims, excitedly pointing at the picture. The dog’s name is “Squirt,” his 6-year old sister reads aloud, … Read more

Molly Brown House: Preserving Denver’s Past

Like most metropolitan cities with a vibrant downtown, Denver has a historic past still preserved. What once was a crude mining town attracting citizens with the prospect of gold, Denver quickly grew to become Colorado’s cultured capital. The movers and shakers behind this growth left their mark and sometimes even their homes as evidence of … Read more

Eric Zerowin: Roping Them In

Eric Zerowin: Roping Them In 11

Stuck between a rock and a hard place? Not even close. Climbing guide Eric Zerowin sets anchors high above the shores of Lake Dillon as his two guests absorb the views. The late-morning sun shines brightly in the blue sky, and it’s too early in the day for summer’s afternoon showers to begin rolling in. … Read more

Wray, Colorado: Home of the Little Dance on the Prairie

They’re called greater prairie chickens for a good reason. These plump, 2-pound relatives of the grouse live in the tall-grass prairie and supposedly taste like chicken. Once hunted for food, the population of these ground-foraging birds has diminished so much, the International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the species as “vulnerable.” Most of the … Read more