The Awesome Arkansas: River Rafter Tests Her Mettle

I had been lucky. On five previous rafting trips through Brown’s Canyon on the Arkansas River, most other members of the group took tumbles into the frigid waters. But, throughout the years, I’d always been able to maintain position on the topside of the raft. I didn’t have that same sense of calm this year, … Read more

The Broadmoor Spa: A World Within a World

Is your typical me-time experience a rushed manicure at the local salon, an every-eight-weeks haircut and styling, or — when you’re really living high on the hog — an hour-long Swedish massage performed by your mom’s neighbor’s cousin? If so, it’s time to reevaluate your sense of indulgence and kick it up a bit — … Read more

Great Sand Dunes: Colorado’s Beach Without the Ocean

Sunset casts its golden light and eerie shadows across the vast sand dunes. We have just arrived, and feel like we should kick off our hiking boots and dig our toes into the silky sand. But no, it’s only about 40 degrees now, and it will get lots colder once the sun dips behind the … Read more

Open House: Check Out Colorado Springs’ B&Bs

Maybe you need a seasonal getaway to de-stress. Or maybe family and friends are pouring into town for the holidays. Either way, it’s a good time to check out some of Colorado Springs’ cool bed-and-breakfast inns before you decide where to stay, or where to put visitors. Décor ranges from high Victorian to Victorian country, … Read more

Canon City, Colorado: From Fossils to Festivals

Set against the rising foothills of the Rockies, Cañon City enjoys a temperate climate, some of the most dramatic scenery in Colorado and numerous tourist attractions that will keep visitors busy. And it’s all 115 miles southwest of Denver. Dinosaurs walked here, and the proof is in the footprints, replicated for visitors to view at … Read more

Reborn: Colorado Springs FAC is Stunning

If you have not visited the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center recently, prepare to be stunned. Not just because of the exquisite new building — 48,000 square feet of glittering glass — but because the Taylor Museum’s permanent collection will finally see the light of day. Long buried in the dusty bowels of the FAC’s … Read more

San Luis Shrine: Stations of the Cross Sculptures

On a hill overlooking tiny San Luis in southern Colorado, a series of statues lines the trail from base to crest. It’s the Shrine of the Stations of the Cross and the trailhead begins on the town’s Main Street. San Luis, Colorado’s oldest town (settled in 1851), is a quiet burg with few other attractions, … Read more

Sky Ride: A New View of the Zoo

The chairlift seat slides smoothly under us and lifts us to the sky. Below, we can see grizzly bears wrestling with each other on the edge of a pond. Say what? You get an entirely new perspective of Colorado Springs’ famed Cheyenne Mountain Zoo from the new Mountaineer Sky Ride. The ride, an unusually smooth … Read more