Top Five Gunnison Activities: Water Sports

Top Five Gunnison Activities: Water Sports 1

 At 7,700 feet of altitude and inside a river basin, Gunnison, Colorado is a well-endowed setting for summer fun and high adventure. Check out Gunnison for iconic outdoor Rocky Mountain activities like rafting and fly fishing, or try something new and brave the rapids by surf board, “duckie,” or stand-up paddle. Gunnison is so into … Read more

Colorado Camping: Mesa Verde National Park a Favorite

Colorado Camping: Mesa Verde National Park a Favorite 2

Colorful Colorado just seems to be built for family camping because it’s packed with magnificent scenery, fascinating history and superb outdoor adventure. Of all the great places where our family has camped in the U.S. and Canada, we rank Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado as our all-time favorite. For several days at Morefield … Read more

Scenic Byway: Trail Ridge Road

In an alpine meadow carpeted with lush grasses, newborn white-spotted elk frolic under the watchful eyes of their mothers. Travelers edge their cars onto the shoulder of Trail Ridge Road, opening their windows to gaze at the endearing wildlife “nursery.” Around another bend, snow-mantled Never Summer Range scrapes the sky. Such wondrous sites unfold as … Read more

Five Boulder Attractions You Can Enjoy for Free

 Boulder, Colorado vacations in the summer provide a wide mix of things to do, many of which center on the outdoors. With weather at its best in the summer months, you can spend much of your time exploring this beautiful community and the nature that surrounds it, all without paying a single cent. And, on … Read more

Birding in Eastern Colorado: The Plover Trail

Birds make their migration trek through Colorado every spring and fall, and bird watchers make their own trek to see them. While Colorado offers many western mountain views, for bird lovers and binocular-toters, the Eastern Plains is the place to be. The Colorado Division of Wildlife, Colorado State Parks and several other nature organizations teamed … Read more

Explore Breckenridge in Summer for Even More Outdoor Fun

Most people plan travel to Breckenridge, Colorado to enjoy the thrill of the ski slopes, but the summer is also an excellent time to visit this mountain community. Once the snow melts, the natural wonders of the mountain come to life, offering numerous opportunities for recreation. As the ice clears from the rivers and lakes, … Read more

Get Outdoors and Enjoy Nature in Lakewood Parks

Get Outdoors and Enjoy Nature in Lakewood Parks 6

Looking for something to do on a beautiful day? Whether you want to get out by yourself or are searching for family activities in Lakewood, Crown Hill Park should be on your list of destinations. The wildlife sanctuary won’t open until July, but the rest of the park can be fully enjoyed and a lot … Read more

Colorado Golden Nuggets: Autumn’s Sweet Spots

We live in a state that proudly proclaims itself to be “Colorful Colorado,” and it certainly is. From purple mountain majesties to amber waves of grain, summers here treat our eye’s color-receptor cones to a good workout. It only gets better in the fall when autumn alchemy transforms leafy hillsides into mother lodes of gold. … Read more

Defending Denver: An Omelet of Opportunities

Defending Denver: An Omelet of Opportunities 8

At an out-of-town business dinner, I shared a table with New York- and Toronto-based associates. Between salad and salmon, we discussed hometowns. Denver is probably a pleasant place to live, my companions conceded. But there’s little there for a tourist. The good stuff, they claimed, is all in the mountains. Choking on my chardonnay, I … Read more

The Joys of Summer: In Steamboat Springs

Too distant from Denver for a day trip, Steamboat Springs feels far removed from the bustle of Colorado’s Front Range. In the winter the resort is blessed with abundant snowfall and uncrowded slopes. But when the snow melts and summer arrives, the state’s northernmost ski town turns into one of its most delightful mountain retreats. … Read more