Rocky Mountain Oysters: Try Them If You Dare

Rocky Mountain Oysters: Try Them If You Dare 1

Everyone knows there are no oysters in the Rocky Mountains. The oysters we’re talking about, for better or worse, aren’t seafood at all — they’re the family jewels from that herd grazing next to Interstate 76, and they’re a tradition of sorts in Colorado, a novelty food hanging around from the days of vast cattle … Read more

Westminster’s Butterfly Pavilion: An Enchanting World

Butterflies are born free and float gracefully in the Butterfly Pavilion at 6252 W. 104th Ave. in Westminster, Colorado. In my childhood, I chased butterflies and caught them with a net if I was lucky. Now, all I need do is walk through the doors of Westminster’s Butterfly Pavilion to discover the enchanting world of … Read more

The Man Behind the Ice Cream

The Man Behind the Ice Cream 5

Olde Town Arvada, a quirky-cool hangout with a retro vibe, is home to a funky micro-creamery and candy shop called Scrumptious. Inside the storefront, colorful candy bins line the walls, and seemingly every nook and cranny is brimming with sweet treats. The building’s nearly 100-year-old wooden bar has been converted to an ice cream counter, … Read more

Morrison Eateries: From Upscale to Down-Home Dining

Morrison Eateries: From Upscale to Down-Home Dining 7

The spotlight in Morrison shines most often on two restaurants: the Fort, an award-winning steak and game icon just south of town, and the Morrison Inn, a popular Mexican eatery known for its huge margaritas and fun outdoor patio. But these famous bookends are only part of the story. Whether you’re in town for a … Read more

Foothills Art Center: Golden’s Spiritual Gem

Foothills Art Center: Golden’s Spiritual Gem 9

While hundreds of people fight traffic and crowds to view works at the Denver Art Museum, art lovers wanting to view purchasable art from Colorado artists can visit the Foothills Art Center in Golden. Although the center is much smaller than many metropolitan galleries, 32,000 visitors a year travel to the western suburb to take … Read more

Da Kind Soups: Hot Spot in Evergreen

Da Kind Soups: Hot Spot in Evergreen 11

Soups warm us up after a long day playing in the snow and refresh us after exploring one of Colorado’s hundreds of beautiful trails. Soups are one of our favorite ways to sample the delicious flavors of the region, whether it’s a hot and chunky stew made with local roasted green chilies, or a rich … Read more

Backyard Brewpub: Golden’s Second-Largest Brewery

Backyard Brewpub: Golden’s Second-Largest Brewery 12

A hand-painted sign with an arrow pointing down the street, and with the words “2nd Largest Brewery in Golden,” led to the not-easy-to-find Golden City Brewery. It’s clearly a self-effacing, tongue-in-cheek reference to Coors Brewing Co.— the third-largest brewer in the United States and the largest brewery on a single site in the world. Nailed … Read more

Colorado Mountain Club: Leading the Way Through the Rockies

One of Denver’s major draws is its proximity to the mountains. But to some residents, the concepts of high-altitude safety and basic trail etiquette can be a little intimidating. Enter the Colorado Mountain Club. Headquartered in Golden, the club provides adventure education and recreational opportunities for everyone from the newbie day hiker to the ultra-experienced … Read more

Dolce Sicilia: A Slice of Italy in Wheat Ridge

Dolce Sicilia: A Slice of Italy in Wheat Ridge 18

Sighs are common when customers encounter the contents of the long glass cases at Dolce Sicilia, an Italian bakery in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. First they see the trays of cookies: soft amaretti pignoli, chewy chocolate-dipped Florentines, and raspberry-topped farfalletta. Their eyes widen at real cannoli, tiramisu and especially the flaky sfogliatelle. Then they smell the … Read more

Rockley Music Center: A West Colfax High Note Since 1946

Colfax Avenue – one of Denver’s main thoroughfares – once was lined with local shops and businesses during the glory days when everything was family-owned and quality was important. Colfax is now lined with pawnshops, used car lots and other establishments that have ushered in a new era to the Colfax corridor, but a few … Read more