Halloween in Colorado

Halloween in Colorado 1

October in Colorado means cooler days and beautiful fall foliage. But this month has a fun, spookier side, with the tricks and treats of Halloween. Take a lantern-lit tour through a cemetery in Glenwood Springs, soak in some horror flicks in Telluride or visit a haunted hotel in Ouray. Here are six spooky activities to … Read more Halloween in Colorado

Quite a Ride: Banjo Billy’s Bus Tour

Murders, suicide pacts, massacres and lynchings are usually the stuff of horror films, but forget Hollywood; these morbid events make up the darker side of Boulder’s history and are said to have left behind a town full of ghosts. John Georgis, aka Banjo Billy, regales crowds with the stories of those ghosts on his one-of-a-kind … Read more Quite a Ride: Banjo Billy’s Bus Tour