A “Vintage” Stay in Winter Park

If you’re taking a vacation in Colorado and looking for Winter Park, Colorado hotels The Vintage Resort Hotel and Conference Center is a landmark that has recently been upgraded, making it a comfortable and relaxing place to stay. If you travel to the area to enjoy the Winter Park Resort and ski the five mountains, … Read more

Gallop Or Trot To Hotels In Granby

A vacation to Granby can be a lot of things, with the exception of being boring. If you’re looking for something slow paced and relaxing, it’s the place for you. If you’re looking for something more adventurous and exciting, Granby can provide that too. With a number of dude ranches, B&Bs and lodges to choose … Read more

Grab a Bite to Eat While Enjoying Fraser

Grab a Bite to Eat While Enjoying Fraser 1

Fraser, Colorado vacations offer travelers the chance to enjoy a true western town located in a fertile river valley, where natural experiences await those traveling to the north central region of the state. From camping to exploring a forest and spending the day on a ranch, Fraser offers an opportunity to truly relax, unwind, and … Read more

Feeling Frisky? Have Some Fun in Fraser

With the nickname of “Icebox of the Nation,” one would wonder why you would visit Fraser, CO for your Colorado vacation.  While some might shun this city because its average temperature hangs precariously around 32° Fahrenheit, for others who enjoy frolicking in the snow or fun outdoor activities, it can provide a perfect epicenter for … Read more

What’s Cooking In Granby: 4 Restaurants to Try

What’s Cooking In Granby: 4 Restaurants to Try 5

If your Colorado travel plans bring you to the mountain community of Granby, you are in for a treat. Sitting 7,935 feet above sea level, here you can experience the Rockies with much less cost than the larger resort community, yet without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Granby is known for its family-friendly community. Everything from … Read more

Up and At ‘Em! Best for Breakfasts in Winter Park

Up and At ‘Em! Best for Breakfasts in Winter Park 8

What’s better than a day on the slopes or trails of Winter Park? The breakfast beforehand, of course. Get your morning going with a meal at one of these in-town eateries. The Mountain Rose Café 78542 U.S. Highway 40 Winter Park, Colorado 80482 970-726-1374 www.mountainrosecafe.com The restaurant equivalent of the one-room schoolhouse, The Mountain Rose … Read more

Colorado Guest Ranches: In Touch With Your Inner Cowgirl

Purple lupine, pink wild roses and yellow arnica color the green hillside directly outside my cabin. Any moment, I expect to see a deer wander through the thick forest of aspen, pine and spruce trees. It’s this gentler side of my inner cowgirl I seek to cultivate on this Colorado ranch outing. While I yearn … Read more

Grand Lake, Colorado: Water, Wilderness and Western Charm

Grand Lake, Colorado: Water, Wilderness and Western Charm 11

The sky blushes as the first rays of dawn creep over the Colorado mountains. Grand Lake appears glassy smooth, forest and rocks reflecting in its mirrored surface. One peak dominates. “That’s our signature mountain,” says resident Polly Lawler. “It’s called Mount Craig, but we affectionately know it as Baldy.” Covering 600 acres, Grand Lake is … Read more

The PI: Do Drop In for Local Color

The PI: Do Drop In for Local Color 13

Remember the old Charlie Daniels song, “Uneasy Rider”? A longhair on a road trip to Los Angeles has a flat tire and chances into a redneck bar called the “Dew Drop Inn.” Of course, he’d tucked his hair up under his hat, but you’ll recall that big fella with the green teeth made him tip … Read more

Wily Wildlife: How Daniel Boone Got His First Coonskin Cap

Somehow it’s become entrenched in American cultural mythology that if life deals you a savage blow, you simply have to move to the mountains and your girlfriend comes back and your dog gets more handsome. The fact of the matter is that life above 9,000 feet in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains isn’t always that elegant. Take … Read more