Breckenridge’s Evolution: From Snurfer to Snowboard

In 1965, Sherman Poppen bolted two skis together to make a snow-riding surfboard for his daughter. Dubbed a “Snurfer,” the design achieved instant popularity, and a manufacturer sold more than a half million of them the next year. The new winter sport it sired soon evolved into what we now call snowboarding. Early snowboards were … Read more

Slopes Less Taken: Going to Great Heights

Slopes Less Taken: Going to Great Heights 2

A rich blue sky envelops me. Sun streams onto my face. The air holds still and clear. Nothing invades my space — no trees, no structures and no people — just the sky and pristine snow, soft under my ski boots and thick on mountains as far as I can see. I’m on top of … Read more

Mush! Going to the Dogs in Breckenridge

The training period lasted less than two minutes, and it went something (though not entirely) like this: “Put your feet here. One foot on the brake to slow down, two feet to stop. And lean with your turn. If you don’t lean, you’re going to get real friendly with a tree. Let’s go.” Brandon Barnhorst, … Read more