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Outdoor Attractions And Quiet Retreats In Pueblo

Imagine visiting a community where you can kayak through the middle of town on raging whitewater rapids, enjoy a game of golf almost any day of the year, and visit the most popular state park in the state of Colorado. If you plan your next Colorado travel experience in the town of Pueblo, this is exactly what you can experience….

Bishop Castle: One Man’s Dream A Reality

Jim Bishop is truly a man after my own inner child. For the past 40 years, Bishop has been building a castle in the mountains outside Rye southwest of Pueblo. He’s not having a castle built for him on his property nor does his house merely look like a castle. Bishop goes to work every day of the summer hauling…

Horseshoe Lodge: Sleep Among Nature

Tucked into the rolling, Ponderosa-studded foothills 25 miles west of Pueblo is the newly restored Horseshoe Lodge, part of the recently renovated Visitors’ Center in Pueblo Mountain Park. Though the park is just south of the town of Beulah, it’s a Pueblo city park. Eleven guest rooms in the center’s west wing opened in October and are available year-round for…