Pateros Creek Brewing Company: Old Town Beer with Old Time Charm

Pateros Creek is a little hard to find if you’re not familiar with Fort Collins, though it is located in what I like to call the Brewery District. Just a couple minutes from New Belgium, Odell’s and the Fort Collins Brewery at the north end of Old Town on College, this little brewery brings its own character to the craft brewing community in northern Colorado.

When you arrive at Pateros Creek, you might first think you’re in the wrong place because of the size, but for such a small operation, this brewing company offers up some unique twists on familiar favorites with their style of beer.

If you are a fan of pale ales, you can’t pass up the Stimulator Pale Ale. Though it is made with rye malt and has a little spiciness you may not be used to, the hoppy flavor is characteristic of the pale ales you know and love.

For bitter beer lovers, you will definitely want to try the Car 21. This beer’s flavor is distinguishable by the variety of spices and a hint of toffee that make it stand out among the beers available at Pateros Creek as well as beers found at other local breweries.

The brewing company holds a weekly keg tap on Thursdays where you can try one of the truly craft beers, as Pateros Creek brewers test their creativity and skills to come up with a new flavor to dazzle its patrons’ palates.

With as many as eight beers on tap at any one time, beer aficionados will be sure to find something that tickles their taste buds.

When you walk into the brewing company, you find yourself in what feels like a cozy bar at a mountain lodge, or perhaps a small town watering hole that only the locals might know about.

Wood accentuates the room and bar, and the door over the bar suggests the place might have once included a hayloft. The tasting room appeals to those who are looking to enjoy a quiet conversation or to wind down after a long day.

Consistent with its small-town atmosphere, a dart board hangs against the wall in a corner of the tasting room for patrons to enjoy if the competitive mood strikes them.

If you’re feeling spendy, you can also get a few souvenirs to remind you of your trip to the brewing company, including t-shirts, glasses, and growlers.

Though it has not yet gained the same recognition as some of the larger local breweries, Pateros Creek has found itself a home in Fort Collins, where beer lovers abound.

If You Go

Pateros Creek Brewing Company is located in Fort Collins at 242 N. College Ave. The taproom is open Monday through Saturday, with varying hours. Visit their website for more information about hours and other questions: You can also contact them by phone at (970) 484-PCBC (7222) or email at

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