Kangaroo Kingdom: Mom’s Utopia

Kangaroo Kingdom: Mom’s Utopia 2Simply utter the word “snow” to a mom with a toddler or preschooler and you are liable to be greeted with a frozen, panicked look. While the fluffy white stuff is undoubtedly festive, it may have you feeling a little crazed when faced with the reality of months of being housebound with a rambunctious child.

One boredom-buster for those long, cold winter days is Kangaroo Kingdom. Located in Lafayette, this soft-play gym is a mother’s Utopia, and the kids seem to love it, too. Newborns to children five years of age are welcome.

Established in 2001, Kangaroo Kingdom revitalized the open-play concept by allowing it to be the focus of the facility, giving parents the flexibility to stop by when it was convenient for them, while also offering structured music and play classes.

Kangaroo Kingdom: Mom’s Utopia 3
From five weeks to five years old, kids can balance, jump, sing and skip at Lafayette's Kangaroo Kingdom.

The soft-play gym provides a wonderful way for crawlers, walkers and preschoolers alike to explore, discover and master new abilities, all in a clean, safe environment. Offering everything from slides and tunnels to blocks and a ball pit, children are sure to find a favorite activity. There even is a special dad’s open-play session on Saturday mornings.

Kangaroo Kingdom has become a popular spot for play dates, as the kids can run around and let off steam, and moms can chat while keeping an eye on their children. Owner Annadell Burke was a customer before taking over the business two-and-a-half years ago.

“We are here for the parents and caregivers as much as for the children,” Burke says. “As first-time parents we are all so scared and trying to do the right thing. It’s nice to come here and find out that everyone is struggling. You are not alone.”

Kangaroo Kingdom offers a little bit of everything, including a wide variety of music and sing and motor skill play classes. Baby Roos incorporates 20 minutes of infant massage and 20 minutes of songs and play into a class designed for children newborn through crawling.

For older, active tots, Kangaroo Kids and Junior Bouncers allow children to sing and play while focusing on balancing and large motor skills. The classes are a great tool for their imagination as well as learning to get along with others in a group setting.

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In addition to playtime activities, Kangaroo Kingdom offers music and language classes, as well as parent workshops.

Music With Kathleen and Music With Madelyn are music classes for various ages and abilities. These classes introduce children to musical instruments and singing and playing, plus there is free play in the open gym after class.

In addition to the music classes, children can participate in language skill classes in Spanish or German and French. Two workshops also are offered for parents, Tools for Potty Training and Taming the Toddler Brain. Kangaroo Kingdom is also a great spot for birthday parties, with singing, bubbles and parachute play.

Yellow Scene Magazine voted the facility The Best Place to Play with Kids in Boulder County for five years running and it also was voted The Best Toddler/Music Gym in the Denver Metro Area in 2007 by KidsPages.org.

With so much for children to see and do, you’ll kick yourself for not having found this place sooner.

If You Go

A single pass costs $8 per child, five passes cost $32.50 and 10 passes cost $60. Passes are valid for six months.

Maranda Hounshell is the production manager for Go World Travel Magazine.