Complement Your Estes Park Visit with the Right Dining 1

Complement Your Estes Park Visit with the Right Dining

Claires Restaurant Estes Park

When you are enjoying Colorado travel in a popular locale like Estes Park, you will find numerous chain restaurants around you. Yet, often the most authentic and memorable dining experience is found in a local eatery. By choosing the best places to dine and opting for those the locals love, your dining experience can be an extension of the adventure and ambiance of your entire vacation.

When you are looking for a place to eat in Estes Park, one consideration to make is choosing a restaurant with a view. After all, the mountains surrounding this community are one of its biggest draws. While most restaurants do have some mountain views, some capitalize on this by offering large windows and outdoor seating, so almost every guest has a good view. One of these locations is Claire’s on the Park.

Estes Park Mountains
At Claire’s, you can get a view of the mountains while you dine.

Dine While Gazing at the Mountains

Claire’s on the Park offers diners a breathtaking view of the mountain scenery that makes Estes Park such a popular vacation destination. If the weather allows, consider dining out of doors on the patio, where the mountains serve as the backdrop to your meal. The food here ranges from American to Tex-Mex, with a bit of barbecue thrown in, so you are sure to find something that matches your tastes.

Claire’s on the Park is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One thing you will notice when you dine here is the freshness of the ingredients. The restaurant strives to use the freshest possible ingredients, locally obtained if possible, so the menu does change seasonally. Expect plenty of fresh fruit in the summer and meals like red beans and rice when the winter brings snow to the region.

Claire’s is particularly popular for its barbecue dishes. You can enjoy prime rib, baby back ribs, and beef ribs when you dine here. Claire herself will ensure that everything looks and tastes great. The staff is warm and friendly, making your dining experience pleasant from beginning to end.

If You Go

Claire’s on the Park is quite popular, but they do not offer reservations at this time. In order to ensure that your wait is not too long, consider arriving before the heavy dining hours, especially if you visit Estes Park, Colorado during the busier travel seasons.

The restaurant is located at 225 Park Lane in Estes Park. To learn more or view menus, visit or call 970-586-9564.

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