Verboten Brewing and Barrel Project

Started in 2013, Verboten Brewing and Barrel Project is a boutique brewery. The name Verboten is German for “forbidden”, taking its lead from the purity laws in Germany that rejected certain ingredients from being used in the brewing of beer. The purity laws allowed only hops, water, and barley. After learning more about the brewing of beer, yeast was allowed to be part of the process.

The Verboten Brewing taproom offers a wide variety of brews, including brews made from Orange Blossom Honey Wheat, Caramel Porter, German style Kolsch Ale, and more. Find out more when you go to: Verboten Brewing and Barrel Project.Each of these breweries have received a 4.7 out of 5 star rating for their service, amazing taprooms, and most of all, their delicious brews.

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