Black Bottle Brewery

Black Bottle Brewery, located in Fort Collins, is all about brewing radical beer and using unique and radical craft beer ingredients. With it’s location in the heart of Midtown Fort Collins, it not only brews awesome beers in house, but it also offers a full kitchen with delicious food options.

How Black Bottle Brewery Got Started

The founder and brewmaster of the brewery, Sean, grew up in Fort Collins and has always loved the area. He married his high school sweetheart, started a family, as well as starting the brewery together. The hobby of brewing started 15+ years ago for Sean, but quickly turned into something that took up all of his free time. After continued encouragement, lots of hard work and a few beers, their dream of opening a brewery happened.

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The beers that once were only enjoyed by friends and family were finally being enjoyed by the public in 2010.

Their Beers

You will always find their three staple brews packed with flavor on tap. These flagship micro beers are great for all beer lovers, and contain flavors that anyone can like!

Friar Chuck is an award-winning German Kolsch, Scuba Steve is an underwater IPA, and There Goes the Neighborhood is a Belgian Rye Saison. They are all packed with quality flavor and will satisfy a wide range of beer lovers!

Add Black Bottle Brewery to your list of Colorado breweries to visit!

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