Avery Brewing Company

Starting in 1993, Avery Brewing Company has always made creating unique and eccentric brews a priority, and lagers that stand out in every category. Their beers are inspired by Old World tradition, but are purely American with their bold and creative flavors.

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Avery Brewing Company – How It Began

This popular craft brewery had it’s start in 1993. Shortly after beginning, they won their first award, a gold medal, for their Out of Bounds Stout at the Great American Beer Festival. A few years later, they bottled their Avery IPA, which was the first bottled India Pale Ale in Colorado. They continued making waves by opening the Avery Tap Room and experimenting with barrel-aging in 2003.

In 2009, they began their their barrel-aged series with their famous Brabant, and shortly after started canning their beers. Finally, they made their biggest change in 2015 by moving into their dream brewery!

Their Beers

You will find a wide range of beers from Avery Brewing Company, from IPA’s to sour ales to hard seltzers. Each beer is made unique and with a bold flavor, that you will want to try. Use their beer finder to find Avery beers near you!

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