Colorado Breweries Are Fast Becoming Top Destinations For Beer Lovers From Around The Country!

Colorado Breweries

Colorado is known for not only its breathtaking scenic landscape, but there are also many local businesses in Colorado. Among the local businesses, there are also a number of local Colorado Breweries.  These breweries are scattered all around the state and located in some of the best towns in Colorado.

Why is Colorado the Brewery Capital of the USA?
Anyone who enjoys beer will likely notice that many of their favorite beverages share an origin. Stamped on the sides of many popular ales, lagers, stouts, and pilsners are the familiar words, “Brewed in Colorado.” But why, exactly, does Colorado have so many breweries?

The popularity of Colorado breweries is undeniable. The state is home to major beverage companies like Coors, which has the iconic Colorado Rockies mountain range emblazoned on every can. However, craft breweries have become a touchstone of Colorado beer culture in recent years. As craft breweries have risen in popularity all over the USA in recent years, Colorado has been at the forefront of this trend, and now boasts more than 300 craft breweries. Of these hundreds of options, some have become well-known. For instance, Breckenridge Brewing Company has expanded their distribution and can now be purchased in many states across the USA. Other breweries, like Black Sky Brewery in Denver, retain their strictly local status, where they are well-integrated fixtures in their neighborhoods.

The proliferation of breweries in Colorado is due in part to its historical status as a mining state. Ingrained in Colorado’s history is the iconic image of a miner during the Gold Rush, kicking back at the end of a long day in one of the local saloons. While the state population grew and expanded its industries well beyond mining, the appreciation for saloons remained, but slowly matured and morphed into a new industry – that of the brewery.

While the brewing of beer has been around for centuries, the concept of the craft brewery, with its typical emphasis on smaller-batch beer brewed with traditional methods, is relatively new. Some would argue that the concept of the craft brewery was born in Colorado as early as the 1970s. Craft breweries have had a meteoric rise since then, even as traditional beer sales have fallen in recent years. And Colorado, where beer has a long and storied past, remains at the forefront of innovation in brewing. With so many breweries, the infrastructure is in place for the opening of additional breweries, paving the way for more Colorado breweries in the future. Even as the state with the highest number of breweries per capita, Colorado’s beer scene shows no signs of slowing down.

Maybe you are visiting Colorado, or maybe you are a local?  Either way be sure to check out these incredible Colorado breweries and taste some good brews for yourself.

Loveland Colorado Breweries

One of the cities that features several local breweries is Loveland Colorado.

Scattered around the city of Loveland, these local breweries offer a wide variety of local brews and are popular gathering spots for tourists and locals alike.

Here is our list of the top breweries in Loveland:

5030 Local

Big Beaver Brewing

Big Thompson Brewery

Crow Hop Brewing

Dratz Brewing Company

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Taproom

Loveland Aleworks

Rock Coast Brewery

Rock Bottom Brewery

Verboten Brewing & Barrel Project

Fort Collins Colorado Breweries

Here is our list of the top breweries in Fort Collins:


Black Bottle Brewery

CB & Potts

CooperSmith’s Pub & Brewing Company

Crooked Stave Fort Collins Taproom

DC Oakes Brewhouse and Eatery

Envy Brewing

Equinox Brewing Company


Gilded Goat Brewing

Horse and Dragon Brewing Company

Intersect Brewing

Jessup Farm Barrel House

Maxline Brewing

McClellan’s Brewing Company

New Belgium Brewing Company

Odell Brewing Company

Pitchers Brewery

Prost Brewing

Purpose Brewing and Cellars

Rally King Brewing

Ramskeller Brewery (CSU)

Red Truck Beer Company

Snowbank Brewing

The Marmot

Zwei Brewing

Boulder Colorado Breweries

Boulder has a deep history of local brewing.  The Boulder Beer company was Colorado’s first “local” or micro-brewery.  Founded in September of 1979 it continues to operate today!

Here is our list of the top breweries in Boulder:

Adamant Brewing Company

Asher Brewing Company

Avery Brewing Company

Beyond The Mountain Brewing

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery Boulder

Boulder Beer Company

BRU Handbuilt Ales & Eats

Finkel & Garf Brewing Company

Gunbarrel Brewing Company

Kettle and Spoke Brewery

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery

Sanitas Brewing Company

Southern Sun Pub & Brewery

Stein Brewing Company

The Post Brewing Company

Twisted Pine Brewing Company

Unnamed Beer Company

Upslope Brewery

Vision Quest Brewing Company

West Flanders Brewing Company

Longmont Colorado Breweries

Here is our list of the top breweries in Longmont:

300 Suns Brewing

Bootstrap Brewing

Collision Brewing Company

Grossen Bart Brewery

Left Hand Brewing Company

Oskar Blews Tasty Weasel Taproom

Primitive Beer

Pumphouse Brewery

Shoes & Brews

Wibby Brewing

Idaho Springs Colorado Breweries

Here is our list of the top breweries in Idaho Springs:

Tommyknocker Brewery

Westbound & Down Brewing Company

Ouray Colorado Breweries

Here is our list of the top breweries in Ouray:

Colorado Boy Southwest Pub

Ouray Brewery

Ourayle House Brewery

Red Mountain Brewing