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Scenic Byway: Highway of Legends 1

Scenic Byway: Highway of Legends

A massive sandstone wall soars skyward from the grassy terrain. As it extends up a slope to the bald, gray Spanish Peaks, its pink, ochre and rust tones shimmer under the afternoon sun. Like spokes on a wheel, the Dakota Wall and more than 400 other rock formations radiate from the towering sentinels. Throughout human history, these unique formations, called…

5 Hikes Near Denver: See Colorado’s Beauty From the Top 2

5 Hikes Near Denver: See Colorado’s Beauty From the Top

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains attract hikers year-round with towering peaks, rushing whitewater and vibrant wildflowers. And with so many parks along the Front Range, Denver residents don’t need a congested drive on Interstate 70 to feel miles deep in Colorado’s natural beauty. South Table Mountain Cable cars once carried visitors up South Table Mountain’s hillside, and at the top, couples would…

Yampa River State Park: Camping And Boating At It's Finest 3

Yampa River State Park: Camping And Boating At It’s Finest

If you love nature and plan to visit Hayden, Colorado, then consider planning a day trip to Yampa River State Park. Here, visitors can explore a 134-mile stretch of the Yampa River, interacting with the flora and fauna that call this particular riverbed home. The park is located off US Highway 40 near Craig and Steamboat Springs. Yampa River State…

McCullough Gulch 4

McCullough Gulch

McCullough Gulch is a short ten minute drive along route 9 south from downtown Breckenridge.  This moderate hike can be done with kids, but make sure to stop along the way to take in the views and catch your breath.  Bring a lunch because once you reach the top you won’t want to rush back down.  Small snow fields are…

Sawmill Trail Breckenridge 5

Sawmill Trail Breckenridge

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”2″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″ images_per_page=”50″]The Sawmill Trail is just a few steps from downtown Breckenridge at the bottom of the Snowflake lift.  An easy hike that is kid friendly and takes about an hour round trip.

Get Outdoors and Enjoy Nature in Lakewood Parks 6

Get Outdoors and Enjoy Nature in Lakewood Parks

Looking for something to do on a beautiful day? Whether you want to get out by yourself or are searching for family activities in Lakewood, Crown Hill Park should be on your list of destinations. The wildlife sanctuary won’t open until July, but the rest of the park can be fully enjoyed and a lot of families take advantage of…

Alpine Loop Scenic Byway: Colorado at its Loftiest

Beyond the sleepy hamlet of Lake City, pavement ends and the forest road I follow turns to dirt. Mountains define our state and provide its identity. Within Colorado’s rectangular borders, the Rockies thrust their highest summits. Peaks form backdrops for our cities, provide venues for our recreation, control our weather, capture our water and furnish scenes for our beer labels….

Colorado’s Western Slope: Land of Valleys and Canyons

Colorado’s Western Slope offers a terrain of bold beauty and ageless history. In this realm of bluffs and buttes dinosaurs once roamed, cliff-dwellers farmed and miners sluiced streams in an elusive search for wealth. For the summer visitor, the ground between mountains and desert typically features brilliant days and balmy nights. Adventurers have trails to hike, paths to bike and…