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Bumps for Boomers: On Aspen Mountain

Atop Aspen Mountain, we clip into short fat skis. Just over 3 feet long, these twin-tipped “skiboards” would look trendy on a teen, but that’s not us. We’re a group of gray-heads for whom the term “hip” is usually followed by the word “replacement.” For two of the next four days, we old dogs will use these squat skis to learn a new trick – how to navigate Aspen’s bumpiest mogul runs. “In four days, you’ll eagerly be looking forward to skiing bumps,” promises Joe Nevin, founder of Aspen’s Bumps for Boomers program. “I actually think skiing moguls is easier than groomed runs.” Nevin starts us on a series of training exercises. We make zero-momentum turns from a dead stop. We practice drifting. We turn atop targets and stop on others. Slowness, Nevin insists, is the key to getting blue hairs off blue groomers. “If you’re driving down a street and you see a speed bump, unless you’re in a rental car or had too much to drink, you’re going to tap the breaks,” he explains. “In this clinic, we teach you to ski in slow motion.” We head for some small moguls and spend the rest of the day employing slow-and-go techniques one bump at a time. By day’s end, we’ve become fast learners at learning slowness. Since I’m taking a clinic for oldsters, I splurged and booked...

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Rockhounding In Colorado: Where To Find Geodes

The disease strikes when least expected. You’re out for a hike and something on the path catches your eye. You see a small fossil, a shiny stone or a glimmering crystal and, naturally, you pick it up. Soon, the ground becomes a treasure trove of things to be looked at, turned over, scrutinized and pocketed. Once this happens, there’s no turning back. Rock-hound fever has struck. For inveterate hikers and trekkers who explore Colorado’s mountains and forests regularly, these surprises add another dimension to the experience: That pretty, little green stone may be jade or amazonite; what looks like...

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Top 5 Water Skiing Spots In Colorado

Although most travelers usually visit Colorado for the plentiful skiing the mountains have to offer, summer is a great time to ski Colorado in a completely different way. Water skiing, wakeboarding and jet skiing are just a few great ways to enjoy Colorado’s many lakes and reservoirs. Many hardcore water skiers choose to join one of many private lakes. For those who don’t want to pay the fees or desire just a taste of the action, these five public lakes may be the perfect alternative. Soda Lakes at Bear Creek Lake Park, located just a few miles west of...

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Summer in Steamboat Springs: 7 Ways to Play

One of the great joys of summer is getting outside and enjoying the sun. With its 300-plus days of sunshine, Colorado summers are as long as the mountains are tall, and one place to enjoy the blue skies and mountain highs is in the town of Steamboat Springs. We’ve gathered a list of seven cool things to do when the weather gets hot for visitors in Steamboat Springs. 1. While some may hike or bike through the scenic beauty of Steamboat Springs, others can choose to roll through it instead. The Howler Alpine Slide is a 2,400-foot track that...

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Lure of the Flies: Knee Deep in Cold Water

Bubbles rise and a strange chortle comes from beneath the pond’s murky surface. It’s the sound of trout laughing. The fish, doubling over in gill-splitting glee, watch my first attempts to fly cast. For practice, my guide and instructor, Steve, has knotted surveyor’s tape to the end of a line. It looks as if I am flinging an orange moth from a strand of yellow yarn. What appeared so easy and elegant in “A River Runs Through It” seems impossible to duplicate. I whip the line back and forth in a series of false casts. When I finally release...

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