Adventuring around Colorado starts here.

elitch garden theme parkSix Flags Elitch Gardens

Nestled in the heart of the “Mile-High City”, Denver, is this thrilling and exhilarating amusement park. If you’re in the Denver area anytime from May to October, this park needs to be at the top of your “to-do” list! This park encompasses every aspect of thrill you could ask for. They have thrill rides, water rides, children rides and family rides! In addition, they have shopping nearby, easy to find lodging and enthralling entertainment at night. For more information visit their website at or give them a call at 1 (303) 595-4386.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs.

Whether you’re a little sore from a strenuous day on the mountains or just need a little time to relax, the Hot Springs are continuously popular amongst the locals. Even on the chilliest of the Colorado days, Strawberry Park Hot Springs is the perfect place to go soak in the most natural kind of a hot tub! Strawberry Park Hot Springs also offers lodging, massages and excursions and activities. The Hot Springs are open year round and are open for the majority of the day. For further information about the Hot Springs, visit or give them a call today at (970) 879-0342.

third bridge coloradoThird Bridge

Burrowed in the center of Aurora, Colorado is the most haunted bridge in the United States. This bridge, located on an Indian Burial Ground, is rumored by the locals to be haunted. Year after year, people venture out to the Third Bridge and return with their war stories. Are you brave enough to add to the rumors? If so, go east on Smokey Hill Rd and turn left at the stop sign when the road becomes one lane, each way. Drive up the road and down over the hills. As you continue going, you will eventually come to the Third Bridge.

Hotel Colorado

Doc Holliday, an infamous character of the Wild American West, passed away at Hotel Colorado which is located in Glenwood Springs. In addition to Doc Holliday’s death, the hotels history is extensive. Renowned people throughout United States history have visited including President Theodore Roosevelt, President William Taft and even the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown. For more information on lodging at this hotel, visit their website at or give them a call at (970) 945-6511.

Mount Elbert

Feel like a little time with the stunning Colorado sky? How about a hike up Mount Elbert? Not only is this mountain one of the 54 14,000 footers in the state, it is the tallest mountain in the state of Colorado and in the Rocky Mountains. Lodging surrounds the mountain, as well as scrumptious food and delicious beverages. If you’re interested in summiting this peak, research more information about what kind of hike will work for you and, of course, call the forest services at (719) 486-0749 to find further information.

Beau Jo’s Pizza

This pizza is famous for being the best Colorado pies! There are various locations and various different pizzas. Everything from pizzas to calzones to salads to beers are served at this little Colorado pizza joint! To find out more about Beau Jo’s Colorado Pizza, check out their website and get munchin’ today at

Local Microbreweries

Colorado has more microbreweries per capita than any other state in the nation! For this reason, some of the best beers in the nations are brewed right here, in colorful Colorado. Alongside both the Budweiser and Coors plants are great microbreweries like New Belgium, Odell’s and Left Hand breweries! For more information and events at each brewery, visit the Colorado Brewers Guild website, You won’t be sorry after a few of these brew tours!

At the Inxpot

This cozy, comfy coffee shop is anything but pretentious. If you have had a hard day on the slopes, your body is achy and your legs just can’t carry you any further, this little coffee shop in Keystone is just what you need. Come on in, take off your boots’ sit by the fireplace, play a board game, read and warm your body with their delectable drinks. To find out more about the Inxpot in Keystone and all of the drinks and foods that they have to offer their chilly guests, check out their website at

Fairplay, Colorado

If you’re a fan of the animated series “South Park”, you’re certainly not alone in the state of Colorado. The show, set in South Park, Colorado is a little town in Fairplay, Colorado. But, for those of you who aren’t fans of the show and want to hang out in reality, the historic aspects of Fairplay are endless. The name “Fairplay” was born from miners who quite literally said “Fair Play” when it came to mining gold. Lodging, great eating and shopping are all a part of this historic gem. Visit for more information on this great city.

Molly Brown House Museum

Most of us know about Molly Brown from her presence on the Titanic ship in the early 1900’s. What most people seem to overlook are her amazing accomplishments outside of the Titanic. Sure, her and her husband struck it rich but what she did with their money is inspiring, to say the very least. Molly Brown took pride in her gender and took a stance for women’s rights! In fact, she was one of the leading activists for a woman’s right to vote! To learn more about this incredible woman, visit

National Western Stock Show

Y’all heard! The first rodeo ever was at the Western Stock Show in Denver. To this day, it’s celebrating its existence since its creation in 1906. Not much has changed about this American Wild West adventure, except for maybe the price of cattle. From actual stock shows to horse shows to western art shows, this venue has it all. Check them out at and get into your wild (west) side.

Bishops Castle

In the Coloradan city named Wetmore lays a castle named “Bishops Castle”. But this isn’t just any ole’ castle. This castle has been built by hand, by one man, Jim Bishop. The massive castle has been his project for that last 40 years of his life and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. From the beautiful craftsmanship to the stained-glass, this “Monument to the Working Man” is not an attraction you want to miss. If you can handle Jim’s rants on the American Democracy and his harsh wording, this attraction is for you! Call 719-485-3040 for more information.

Royal Gorge

The Royal Gorge was built and finished in 1929 and has been a work in progress ever since then! The main attraction is walking across the bridge. However; if that’s not enough thrill for you, you can try the sky coaster, which was named the scariest sky coaster in the world! The park is open 365 days a year. So, grab your tickets today by visiting And whatever you do, DON’T look down – eeek!

Der Fondue Chessel

After a long day on the slopes, it’s only natural to be craving exquisite, melted cheeses on top of various foods. Well, at Der Fondue Chessel, you can have your fondue and a view too! From the top of the mountain, with beautiful views, the servers cater to your every dream you’ve ever had about fondue. While the menu prices are steep, it’s worth it! For more information about this delectable food, visit or call them at 1 (800) 354-4386. Get ready for the cheesiest night of your life!

In the Mountains

Whether you’re a pro with your ski’s or snowboard or you’ve never been up to the mountains, each Colorado peak can accommodate any range of skill. There is ample lodging by each resort, plenty of shopping, great food and even better drinks! For more information on the slopes, check out some other places on our site and figure out where you want to go in the mountains! Explore the beautiful Rocky Mountains, vertically!

United States Air Force Academy

On the North side of Colorado Springs is the home of the fighting falcons – of the Air Force Academy, of course. Although visitors get a limited tour of the academy for security reasons, they can still see the stunning chapel, the eating facilities and the sports facilities, as well. Created in 1949, and authorized by President Dwight Eisenhower, the historic features and elements of this academy are not ones that you will want to miss! For more information about the United States Air Force Academy and to learn rules and regulations for visitation, please visit them at

Pikes Peak

While Pike’s Peak is not the tallest peak in the nation, it certainly is the most popular. Sitting at 14,110 feet above sea level, Pike’s Peak is renowned, across the globe, for the hiking. Each year, people from all over the world travel to Colorado Springs to complete the Pikes Peak Marathon. It is 13 miles up the mountain and 13 miles down. But, if you are not into hiking, there are exhilarating options for you as well. There is a drive up to the summit of Pike’s Peak that takes about 3 hours. The views of the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs and the beautiful horizon are recognized, internationally. For information on lodging, food and activities at Pike’s Peak, visit their website at

Warehouse Restaurant

The Warehouse Restaurant, located in Colorado Springs, is known for their magnificent beer-battered mushrooms! They are dipped into the beer batter, then fried and served piping hot with ranch sauce to top it all off. Mushrooms not your thing? Not to worry – You can have other things at this great restaurant too! They have burgers, other pub food, a wide variety of beer and a bustling atmosphere! For more information on this hoppin’ place and to see their menu options, check out their website at

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos, created in the 1960’s, was one of the first 8 original American football teams. They have participated in the Super Bowl 6 times in the past 51 years and have won 2 of them in 1997 and 1998. With blazing colors of orange, blue and white, this team continues to excel in football and captivate football lover’s hearts across the nation. Their cheerleaders are also amongst the top in the nation! If you’re interesting in learning more about the Denver Broncos or their game schedule, visit their website at

Colorado Rocky Mountains


This is not your average tree, available for climbing. This type of tree is the oldest tree in Colorado–the Bristlecone pine. It has been around for as long as 2040 years! Located in Colorado’s mountains, along the Front Range, Mount Evans, and near Black Mountain, this tree continues to grow. What a great part of history to check out while you’re in the big CO! Although the tree’s location is extremely difficult to find, due to preservation purposes, research it today and find out more about why it’s so important and how it came to be, even as far back as 2040 years ago!

Creede, Colorado

Creede, Colorado is known for their amazing fishing. The old, mining city has historic elements that date back to the early 1800’s! The town has many cabins/lodging areas that make for a quaint getaway to go fishing! In addition, there is nightly entertainment, great food and drinks, fantastic shopping and tons of art. For more information on lodging, arts and entertainment, shopping, fishing, and other outdoor activities, visit their website at Discover more of the Wild West in Creede today!

Kickapoo Tavern

Had a tough day on the slopes, huh? Don’t worry food and drink is not far when you’re in Keystone, Colorado! Nestled at the base of the Keystone Gondola sits the Kickapoo Tavern. With an affordable and delectable cuisine or burgers and pub food, it’s not a mystery why this tavern is consistently a Keystone favorite! In addition, they have a huge selection of beer and the tastiest alcoholic treats! Make sure to check out their website at or give them a jingle at (970) 468-0922. See you there!

Lamar, Colorado

Lamar, self-named the “Goose Hunting Capital of the World” is located in Eastern Colorado. The town is known for their beautiful scenery, their history and their wildlife of course. If you are not looking to hunt geese, the city still offers great hunting for birds and deer. Lodging is ample and although the restaurants are sparse, they are delicious! For more information on Lamar, Colorado and the activities you could experience there, check out their website at

Ouray Ice Park

It might not be what Colorado is best known for, but don’t be mistaken! Ouray Ice Park is about to have its 16th Annual Festival and its popularity won’t be slowing down any time soon! It is typically open for season in mid-December and closes in early April so get your ice climbing in while it’s in season! There is ample lodging, dining, and stores to shop for your ice climbing gear around. What are you waiting for? To check out more about this park, visit or give them a call at 970.325.4288

Rocky Mountain National Park

The best place to watch wildlife in Colorado is without a doubt at Rocky Mountain National Park. The park is known throughout the nation for its stunning scenery and incredible wildlife. You can see various animals from Elk to Deer to Bighorn Sheep to Moose to Mountain Lions and Bobcats to Bears to Coyotes and Fox’s to Marmots and Picas to Squirrels to Birds! There is certainly not a shortage of things to do in this park. Hiking, driving, camping and animal watching are just a few of the great activities to do at this colorful park. For more information, visit their website at

Lucile’s Creole

If you are in the mood for some good ole’ Louisiana cookin’, we have JUST the ticket for you. Lucile’s Creole Café has various locations in Colorado. Their menu is strictly creole and their breakfast is one that could knock your socks off! From biscuits and gravy to their delectable, famous mimosa’s and Bloody Marys complete with okra, shrimp, celery and olive, this breakfast is one that will leave your belly (and your wallet) full! To see their menu, locations and hours, check out their website at

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders are repeatedly named the most talented athletic women in Denver. Not only do they cheer, they participate in community service events and truly help people out! This band of 26 ladies makes up one strong force of pep, jingle and enthusiasm for football and for their community. To visit their blog and see what they’re up to and to see how they’re helping the community now, visit this link! Otherwise, check them out at the games!

Hammonds Candies

We have some bad news: Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is not real. However, something better lives right in Denver. This is Hammonds Candies. They do NOT have a chocolate river or bubblegum that will make your body turn into a balloon, but they do have Dips & Pretzels, Chocolate, Gift Tins and Jars, McCraw’s Flat Taffy, Puffs Sticks and Stirrers, Wrapped Hard Candies, Nostalgic Candy, All Natural Candies, Candy Canes, Lollipops, Marshmallow & Caramel, Pillows & Straws, Ribbon Candy and Art Candy! If you ask us, we think that combination blows Mr. Wonka out of the water! This complimentary tour lasts about 30 minutes, and you get to taste lots of candy!! For more information, visit their website at

Celestial Seasonings

For those of you tea drinkers out there, this tour is for you! Celestial Seasonings was founded in 1969 in Boulder, Colorado. Ever since then, their passion for various teas has inspired the nation and has grown into something miraculous! At their factory in Boulder, you can taste the teas, there is a tea café and in addition, there is a tea store! So, get your tea drinkin’ hats on, ladies and gentlemen – It’s going to be a delicious ride. For more information on these tea tours, visit the Celestial Seasonings website at

Boulder Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Colorado is known for many things; the mountains, the fresh air and the stunning scenery. But one that you might have overlooked is a company in Boulder that makes the freshest, darn ice cream on BOTH sides of the Mississippi. Not only does this company use eco-friendly tools in making their ice cream, they are local and give free, tasty tours on Fridays from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. For more information, check out their website at

Phoenix Mines

Nestled in the soul of Idaho Springs, Colorado is a gold mine. The gold mining experts will show you around their mine and even let you pan for some gold yourself! If you want to make a day of, go ahead and pack a lunch and sit on the beautiful Rocky Mountains, knowing there is gold right beneath you. This is an experience you won’t forget! For more information and directions on how to get to Phoenix Mines, visit their website at

Denver Mint

Do you ever wonder how those tiny pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters are made so detailed? Well, now you can find out. At the Denver Mint in Denver, the mystery that lies behind American Money is unveiled as the experts walk you through the factory of money making! Tours must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance, so plan ahead! For more information, you can visit their website at and register online for your tour of the Denver Mint!

On the River!

While you might not live in a van down by the river, you could be the raft that’s raging down the river with a white water rafting tour! These tours are offered at various difficulty levels. If you’re looking for an easy float down the river, they accommodate that. If you’re looking for an extreme collection of rapids, thrashing upon your raft, that can also be accommodated. Make sure you are ready to get very wet – and you’re ready to have a blast! For more information, visit or give them a jingle at (970) 423–7031 to book your trip of a lifetime today!

All Over Colorado

Imagine flying through the air – zipping over the most beautiful spots in the state, untouched by man. Now, this dream can be a reality! You can choose from multiple places where you want to zip-line and how long you want it to be for! Although there are some weight and age restrictions at most zip-lining companies, this experience is not one that you will want to miss! For more information, visit the leading zip-lining company in the state at or give them a jingle at (970) 423 – 7031 to book your “zip” of a lifetime today!

Colorado Campgrounds

Take it in, breathe the Colorado air and sleep under a blanket of stars! Camping is one of the best things to do in Colorado. There are quite literally hundreds, even thousands of places where you could go camping. There are places to go if you’re a pro camper and want to hike to the spot and there are places that you can pay for that can provide a more luxurious camping experience. Whichever way you want to go, pick the best time for you and your family, pick a spot in the lovely state, and head camping! This provides for rustic memories that will captivate your hearts forever.

Penrose, Colorado

This isn’t your grandmother’s rocking chair… Well unless your grandmother is a giant, that is. This chair is 21 feet tall and 14 feet wide. The best part is that admission to see this giant feat won’t cost you a penny, it’s free! Located at 115 Fremont St., Penrose, CO, this park is open every hour of the day and is visible through the fence that surrounds it. Get a cup of grandmothers’ chicken noodle soup and head on over, this isn’t an attraction that you should miss!

Rocky Mountains

What could possibly be more perfect for your dream wedding than atop of a mountain, overlooking miles and miles of crisp trees and wildlife? We can’t think of a better way to tie the knot. If you think this sounds as fabulous as we do, pick a spot and get hitched! To find more about these beautiful, breathtaking and unforgettable weddings, check out this amazing website that can help you and yours plan the perfect day at Do you want to get married in the mountains? (Practice it now…) “I do!”

All Over Colorado

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of our everyday, fortunate lives. It’s easy to forget about those who aren’t as fortunate as us. While you’re in Colorado, how about spending half a day giving back to the community that creates the beautiful surroundings around you? There are literally hundreds of options on how you can donate your time. To find out more information and find out how you can get involved, even for just a few hours, visit As Gandhi once said, “Be the change in the world that you want to see”.

Rocky Mountain National Park

If you are not one for hiking, fishing, walking, jogging, camping, or anything in between, we have a great solution for you. Horseback riding is extremely popular in the Rocky Mountains, especially in Rocky Mountain National Park. And don’t worry if you do not have the money to PURCHASE a horse! There are horse tours that you can purchase instead. What could be better than riding horseback and taking in the beautiful scenery? To book your horse or horse tour today, simply decide where you want to go in the Rocky Mountains and contact them for their list of stables! You’ll be on your way to being a pro in no time!

Colorado Eagles

If you’re a hockey fan, then make sure not to miss out on the Colorado Eagles. Their games are a blast, their team is amazing and the atmosphere at their hockey games is unlike any other. They have sold out every game since becoming a team in 2003 and the arena holds 5000+ screaming fans. With their exhilarating games and their incredible players, these games are not ones that you will want to miss while you’re in the Rockies! For more information on their game schedule or their team, visit their website at

Colorado Rockies

Inhabiting Coors Field are the Colorado Rockies with new baseball tricks up their sleeves every year! These games are so full of entertainment, great food and drinks that they are one of the most popular activities for native Coloradans. In addition to the great games, you can tour the stadium during off hours and discover the magic behind those games at Coors Field. With lodging within walking distance and a great night life just around the corner, you won’t want to miss out on these games! For more information on the Colorado Rockies, visit their website at

Budweiser Events Center

Whether it’s a concert that you’re looking to attend or a magical show like “Cirque de Soleil” or even a hockey game that features Colorado’s own hockey team, the “Eagles” or even a monster truck rally, this huge stadium can cater to your every want. Their calendar is always packed with fascinating events – and they sell out fast! To discover more about this massive stadium and to find out all that it has to offer, visit their website at The tickets sell out quickly so book your exciting night of Colorado entertainment right away!

Grizzly Rose

The Grizzly Rose is your ultimate destination for country music and dancing. It’s not a wonder for all of those who have been there why this honky-tonk won CMA’s Country Bar of the Year! Artists such as Garth Brooks, Chris Ledoux, Brooks & Dunn, Willie Nelson and Toby Keith have rocked the crowds at this bar for years. Make sure not to miss out on this country western experience of a lifetime by visiting their website for upcoming events at

Colorado Golf Courses

Do you want to be Tiger Woods for the day? We all know that the air is thinner in Colorado, therefore, your golf ball goes further. Not only is golfing fabulous in Colorado due to the thin air, but it’s known for the breathtaking, incredible scenery. Imagine getting a hole in one with snow-capped mountains as your backdrop. Well, now you can. Don’t miss your chance to play golf in America’s most incredible state. What are you waiting for? Find a golf course that works for you and your family, grab your clubs and go!

Denver Zoo

Not only did this zoo just win the “Green Award Top Honor for Sustainability”, but it is truly a blast for all ages to visit. Their variety of animals is truly unlike any other exhibit in the state, and the country. In addition to the zoo, there is also a whole exhibit of exotic and rare plants, a huge gift shop, scrumptious food and a friendly faced atmosphere. To find out more information about the Denver Zoo and to learn more about their hours, visit their website at You won’t be sorry that you took the time to “Monkey Around”!

Blackhawk Casinos

Are you someone who enjoys the thrill of a good gamble? There is no need to head to Vegas for a great casino atmosphere anymore! Welcome to Colorado – home of Blackhawk! Blackhawk offers a great casino experience to those in the mood for a good time. With lodging, delicious food, scrumptious drinks, fabulous shopping and bustling entertainment all within arm’s reach, why would anyone NOT want to be in this perfect city? For more information about Blackhawk, visit their website today at This won’t be a trip you will forget anytime soon!

Denver, Colorado

Let us guess. You just won a gold tournament? You just signed a record deal and are going to be famous now? You just got engaged to Mel Gibson? Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House is your perfect spot to celebrate! The average main course meal for one person is $65.00 (without alcohol) however; everyone who has dined at this restaurant has left it marvelous reviews. Although this restaurant is a chain and there are 7 others in the country, the experience is not one that you will want to miss out on, neither are the steaks! For more information, visit them at

Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park

Celebrate good times – Come on! At Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park you can celebrate some of the life’s most unforgettable moments. In addition to the concerts held at the Amphitheater, you can have weddings, parties, company events, and discover the wilderness of the park. The calendar of events for this monumental piece of Colorado is ever changing, so make sure to check out their website at Start treasuring all of the natural parks and events that Colorado has to offer today!

Lory State Park

Lions and tigers and bears – Oh my! Okay, so you probably will not find any tigers (luckily) in Lory State Park, but you might run across a bear or a mountain lion! This stunning state park stretches for miles and miles. Some of Colorado’s best hiking and camping takes place in Lory State Park. In addition, the 26 mile trails are wonderful for mountain biking and quaint jogs! Needing this magnificent piece of earth for a wedding or other event? That can be arranged! Visit their website now at and start discovering some of colorful Colorado’s most incredible scenery!

Mishawaka Amphitheater

This amphitheater, located in Northern Colorado, is situated on the banks of the Poudre River. There are fantastic concerts and events, year round, at this wonderful amphitheater. In addition to the bustling events calendar, there is a delicious restaurant and bar with fabulous food and drinks! For more information about the events or the restaurant at Mishawaka Amphitheater, visit their website today at

New Belgium Brewery

Started in 1989, this small town brewery is expanding and their products are now offered around the entire world! Known for their beers entitled “Fat Tire” and “Sunshine Wheat”, this brewery runs things just a smidge different than their competitors in the beer industry. They decided to make their brewery an eco-friendly environment and in 1998, they were the first brewery in the country to be powered by wind power. While they charge for the beers in their sampling room, the tours are completely and totally free! They fill up quickly though – So book your tour today! Visit their website at

Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Home to luxurious stores like Tiffany and Co., Louis Vuitton, Juicy Couture and others, this mall continues to be the best shopping for Denver residents and surrounding areas. Cherry Creek has more than just the average mall food around; they have Elway’s Steak House, Brio’s Italian and great ice cream to finish off the meal. Do not miss this opportunity to shop until you drop! Visit their website at to find out which deals they are offering today! Finally, somewhere to spend that money that has been burnin’ a hole in your wallet!

Colorado Rocky Mountains

Whether you are an expert at 4-wheeling or you are a first timer, 4-wheeling in the Rockies is a great place to explore on 4-wheelers! There is expert terrain, rocky terrain, gravel road terrain, grassy terrain, and every terrain! Do not own your own 4-wheelers? Not to worry – there are hundreds of rental companies that rent ATVs and even Jeeps for your every outdoor need! Visit some websites for rentals of 4-wheelers in the part of the state you want to be in, choose out your rental equipment, and start living today!

Play the Colorado Lottery

The Colorado Lottery has been played since early 1983. The lottery includes 5 ways to win: Cash 5 Colorado Lotto, Mega Millions, Powerball and some online games and opportunities for winnings, as well! In addition to their lottery, they have plenty of opportunities to help the community and the state of Colorado. They feature stories each month about new philanthropies and charities that they have been a part of. To learn more about the Colorado Lottery and all that it has to offer, check out their website at

Denver, Colorado

Are you in need of some serious time with fabulous shops and fantastic dining? Well, the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver is just the fix for you. With hundreds of different places to go in this outside mall, it literally can cater to anyone’s shopping needs! Once you’re exhausted after a long day of shopping down the many streets of the mall, there are plenty of great places to eat. Restaurants such as Maggiano’s and even Coyote Ugly are on this strip! Make sure not to miss out on Denver’s best outdoor shopping. To find out more information, visit their website at

Café Brazil

Sick of the ole American cuisine? Needing to switch up your dining out experience? We understand! Try on this delectable Brazilian cuisine for size! At Café Brazil in Denver, the menu is authentic and the drinks are made to perfection! In addition, all of the meats are roasted to create a wonderful sensation of tastes. It is not a wonder why this bustling restaurant has been continuously named one of the top places to eat in the entire city of Denver! To find out more about this delicious Denver restaurant, check out their website at

Tracks Night Club

Denver has a gigantic bar scene, but this club sets itself apart from the rest! Originally created for the gay/lesbian/transgender community, this night club has transformed into a club that everyone can enjoy (everyone over 21 that is!) The club features various dance floors, each with its own dance music ranging from pop to hip-hop to 80’s to rap! Head out to Tracks on your next visit to Denver – you won’t be sad you went to boogie the night away! Visit their website at to find out more information including cover charges and hours of operation.

Denver International Airport

This airport, located on the outskirts of Denver, is the largest International airport in the entire country. Even more, it is the third largest airport in the entire world. The design of the airport was designed to mimic the Rocky Mountains, with white peaks all-year round! Even if you do not have a flight to catch, the airport is still a wonderful place to people watch and observe incredible architecture and design. For more information on Denver International Airport, check out their website at This website is complete with flight information, such as delays, cancellations, etc. as well as the wait times for security lines and parking information.

Colorado Springs

The Air Force Thunderbirds are a group of pilots who travel the world to display the beauty of the F-16. Each year, they fly formation at the United States Air Force Academy Graduation in late May. Although not everyone is invited to the actual graduation, the show can be seen for miles on the outskirts of the academy. The F-16’s assemble in various formations and zip through the skies so quickly that the sky rumbles – and the ground shakes. To find out more about the Air Force Thunderbirds, like their roster and to check out their website and find out when they will be at a spot near you visit

Horsetooth Reservoir

Horsetooth Reservoir, located in the foothills of Fort Collins, is a fabulous attraction in Fort Collins. There are hiking trails, biking trails, and everything in between. In addition, the water is a blast to take a dip in! Do not have a boat? Not a problem – you can rent one from one of the nearby marinas. Having a boat in the spring, summer and fall seasons allows you and yours to water ski, tube, and to just enjoy the beautiful weather! Need more information, check out some of the nearby marinas and rent a boat today. Not wanting to go out on the waters? Just observe the magnificent scenery and images around you. You won’t regret that you did not “miss the boat” at Horsetooth Reservoir!

Southwestern Colorado

In the Southwestern corner of the state of Colorado, four states meet one another and mingle! These states, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona, have been a huge tourist attraction for years. It is quite an amazing feeling to have your hand in four completely different states at one time. There are many gift shops, lodging areas around the destination and fine dining everywhere! Check it out on your next trip to Colorado! To find out more, check out their website at

Denver, Colorado

Colorado locals have a saying – “If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait 10 minutes and it will change!” In this case, the phrase is nothing but true! In one year, Denver had a record high of 104 degrees F. and a record low of -30 degrees F. Talk about a change of pace. However, most of the time, Denver has beautiful weather. To check out all that this fun city has to offer, visit Denver today! There are hundreds of places for lodging, 5-star dining and fabulous entertainment!

Silver Creek, Colorado

In 1921, the wind started to howl and temperature started to drop on a chilly April day. The snow began to fall at 2:30 P.M. and throughout the next 24 hours, the snow accumulated up to 75.8 inches. It did not stop there! It continued until it finally stopped and had accumulated up to 95 inches of fresh powdery snow! Talk about a cold day (or 3). Take a visit up there while you are in Colorado! Memorabilia commemorates the snow day! But watch out – you just might get snowed in!

Arriba, Colorado

With an estimated population of 200 people, you might be thinking “What in the world could I do in Arriba, Colorado?” Well, wipe that pessimism off of your face and start packing your bags! While this town is the smallest in Colorado, it certainly has thousands of things to do. If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the big metropolitan cities, take a visit to Arriba and soothe your soul today! For more information on lodging, eating, etc., visit their website at

Julesburg, Colorado

Julesburg is the gateway to the best state on earth, Colorado. Snap a picture of you and your family at the sign in Julesburg that states that you are at the gateway to Colorado! There is plenty of lodging, great food, and a welcome center with free coffee and even detailed maps of the colorful state of Colorado. Check out their website at for more information about the “Gateway to Colorado”!

All Over Colorado

One of the best parts of Colorado is the colorful wildlife and produce. It is no wonder that each year, people journey from surrounding states to the farmers markets in various Colorado cities. Everything from potatoes, to peaches, to cheeses, to peppers, to homemade bread and everything in between are sold at these farmers markets. The markets are seasonal, so make sure to check out a location and times and dates at a farmers market near you. For more information, check out Dive in to the delicious, home grown foods today!

Cascade, Colorado

It is rumored that Big Foot has been seen crossing the road ample times in Cascade, Colorado. Therefore, the fine folks of Cascade made a “Big Foot X-ing” sign to warn all of those who visit the city. This is not a joke. The sign reads “Due to sightings in the area of a creature resembling “Big Foot” this sign has been posted for your safety.” Thank you, Cascade for keeping your citizens safe, as well as those visiting from other states! Those of you heading up to the Big Foot crossing beware – the big guy just might pop out at ya!

Breckenridge, Colorado

Lloyd (Jim Carrey) and Harry (Jeff Daniels) made their mark here for the shooting of the movie “Dumb and Dumber” in 1994. Although the actual story line was that the two men traveled to Aspen, “… Where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.”, it was filmed in the town of Breckenridge, Colorado, amongst other places. Head up to Breckenridge today and get a chuckle out of these two knuckle heads! For more information about Breckenridge, visit their website at

Kit Carson County Carousel

Kit Carson County has one of the first carousels that was ever built in the country. It is the only carousel in the United States with the original paint still on the carousel. The carousel is not only a fun time for the time, it is a trip back into the early 1900’s and the early days of Kit Carson County. The prices are cheap ($1.00 for a ride) and there are plenty of places to eat and lodge around this interesting and historical carousel. What are you waiting for? Take a journey of a lifetime back to the starting times of this great county of Kit Carson! For more information, check out the website at

Dinner Detective

In need of a little mystery and murder with maybe some delectable food? Look no further. The Dinner Detective allows you and yours to sit and enjoy a delicious 4 course meal while you solve a murder mystery. The actors, originally from Los Angeles, truly make you feel as though you are in your very own murder mystery. Locations are in Denver and Colorado Springs; soon enough, they will even have a location in Fort Collins. If you have questions or want to explore more about this experience of a lifetime, visit them online at

Cog Railway

If you want to see Pikes Peak but are not exactly up for the long, treacherous hike up the mountain, this railway is perfect for you! It takes about 3 hours to get to the top of the mountain, get out and take pictures of the lovely scenery around you and travel back down the mountain. You can book your tickets in advance for a great price and even buy food at the Cog Railway Café before and after your trip to the summit! These trips book up quickly, so get your tickets today! For more information, visit their website at

Boulder, Colorado

Do you need a breath of fresh air? Or maybe do you want just a picnic on green grass, in the company of trees and stunning wildlife? Boulder, complete with breathtaking scenery, was just named the #1 Sports Town in America by Outside Magazine. This city is repeatedly a favorite for even the Colorado locals. Boulder has ample places to camp, hike, fish, walk, picnic, climb, run, and everything in between. If this sounds like something that you want to be a part of, check out Boulder! You won’t be disappointed that you took the time to take in the finest nature in the world.

Golden, Colorado

A true symbol of the Old West in Colorado, the Buffalo Bill Museum has exhibits showing what life was like during his lifetime, as well as some Indian artifacts. In addition the museum, Buffalo Bill’s gravesite has a great view from Lookout Mountain. A unique visit for both history buffs and kids, stop by the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave in beautiful Golden Colorado! Find out more at

Arvada, Colorado

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is a great place to catch a play too, but the Arvada Center has great shows and a unique building to explore while you’re waiting for the show to start. Not only are shows performed, but the center is a place for art shows, fairs, and plenty of other events year round. Plan your visit to the Arvada Center here:

Denver, Colorado

Not a mountainside avalanche, of course! The Colorado Avalanche hockey team! The Avs, as they are affectionately known to their fans, play at the Pepsi Center in Denver from October through April, or longer if they make the playoffs. Catch a hockey game and cheer on the team with Bernie, their St. Bernard mascot. Whether you’re a longtime hockey fan or even if you’re just learning about the game, Avalanche hockey is always a fun night out! Find out more about tickets, family packs, and the team at

Denver Museum of Nature and Science Denver, Colorado

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is always a popular place to take the kids, with plenty of unique exhibits to keep them entertained and learning at the same time! This amazing Denver museum has dinosaurs, Egyptian mummies, American Indian culture, a planetarium, and more, so there is always something for everyone to enjoy. What may be one of the best attractions of this museum is the IMAX theater inside, showing both Hollywood films as well as science and documentary films in amazing clarity and definition. Learn more about this incredible museum at

Tiny Town, Morrison, Colorado

Traveling with children is easy in Colorado with fun and unique places like Tiny Town to take them to! An entire town scaled down to child-size buildings, the kids can visit the town jail, the bank, and plenty of other colorful and fun places for them to explore. Don’t forget to ride the railroad while you’re here! Small enough for children to see the sights, but big enough for adults to ride with their kids, the Tiny Town Railroad is one attraction you won’t want to miss! Check out the World Famous Tiny Town and Railroad here:

Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison, Colorado

Take a trip back into prehistoric time at Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison! A National Natural Landmark, this place offers visitors plenty of history to explore, including the Dinosaur Tracksite where dino footprints mark the hillside and the Dinosaur Bone Quarry where dinosaur bones are embedded in the sandstone. The Ridge offers both guided and self-guided tours, a gift shop, and regularly scheduled events to keep everyone busy learning and having fun! Visit for more information.

Bear Creek Lake Park, Lakewood, Colorado

While there are plenty of places to fish and hike in Colorado, Bear Creek Lake Park has a long itinerary of activities that are all easily accessible. The lake itself is huge, with plenty of good spots to stake out for a fishing trip, but it also has room for boaters, canoes, and kayaks for water sport enthusiasts. The park is full of trails that you can hike or ride horses on, and stables with horse rentals are on site! There are archery targets, picnic and barbecue pavilions, and even a separate beach and playground, so you definitely won’t run out of stuff to do! Learn more at

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

With one of the largest outdoor pools in the world, Glenwood Springs is one of the best places to go for a soak in the hot springs. Whether you’ve been out hiking, skiing, or just taking a tour of the town, the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is a great way to end the day. The hot springs pool is unbeatable in summertime or winter, and you can even stay at the lodge if you want unlimited access to this natural therapeutic wonder. Learn more at

Mesa Verde National Park, Near Cortez and Durango, Colorado

Mesa Verde is home to several cliff dwellings where you can experience ancient Native American Culture up close. No matter what time of year you arrive, you will be able to stop in at one of the cliff dwelling locations. There is also plenty of hiking, bird watching, and photo opportunities in this beautiful unique park. Learn more about Mesa Verde at

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Commerce City, Colorado

Once a manufacturing site, this refuge has been transformed into a wildlife sanctuary with a multitude of animals and wildlife, including bison, bald eagles and burrowing owls, all living in a protected environmentally friendly location devoted to conservation. The prarie lands here support both native species and a few other species that have arrived or been relocated. Find out more about this unique wildlife refuge and what you can expect when you visit at

Hanging Lake Trail, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Truly a sight to see, Hanging Lake Falls is exactly what its name claims, a lake hanging off the side of a mountain at elevation supplied by a waterfall spouting out the side of a mountain. The trail is a little difficult for anyone not used to hiking or the elevation, which reaches near 7,000 feet, but if you have the time to take it slow, it is a beautiful and rewarding trip to make. Discover more about this Colorado trail at

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Garden of the Gods got its name from two gold surveyors exploring the area, one of whom stated that it was a “fit place for the Gods to assemble”, and the name stuck. The site is filled with sandstone formations, and there are plenty of trails for the outdoor lover to enjoy. Perhaps one of the best parts about this park is that it is free and open to the public! Head down towards Colorado Springs to check out this natural geological wonder.

Chimney Rock National Historic Site, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

There are a few places called Chimney Rock around the country, but the one in Colorado is definitely one worth seeing. Located in the San Juan National Forest, this historic place was once inhabited by the Pueblo Indian tribe’s predecessors, and many of their structures still stand throughout the area. To check out this fascinating piece of Colorado history, head down to southwest Colorado near Pagosa Springs. Be sure to visit during the summer as the area is closed in the winter months.

Leadville Trail 100 in Leadville, Colorado

Are you a runner? Even if you aren’t, this is one amazing race in Colorado you won’t want to miss! For almost 30 years, people have been coming to Leadville to test their endurance with a race that covers 100 miles (yes, 100 MILES) of mountainous trails and reaches over twelve thousand feet in elevation at some points. The race typcially held in mid August and runners are set on a time limit to finish! To find out more about this extreme challenge, and even volunteer, visit

Dillon Reservoir, Dillon, Colorado

Dillon Reservoir is one of the largest bodies of water in Colorado, making it perfect for boaters, fishermen, and other water sport lovers to get out and enjoy the water, and the beautiful mountain scenery. The reservoir formed naturally, but it has grown since its discovery by gold prospectors in the mid 1800s. A dam was built in 1961 making the reservoir large enough to support all the visitors it receives year-round. Wintertime means ice fishing on the massive reservoir. Located near several major ski areas off the I-70 corridor, Dillon is a prime location to visit.

Rifle Mountain Park, Rifle, Colorado

Rifle is a rock climber nirvana, and has visitors from around the world come to climb the rocks in Rifle Mountain Park. With over 250 bolted climbing routes, this is a must for any serious rock climbers looking for some new territory. Although many routes are for practiced rock climbers, beginners can enjoy what the park has to offer too. Learn more about the climbing at Rifle Mountain Park here:

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Alamosa, Colorado

Sound crazy? People do it all summer long at the Great Sand Dunes National Park! The dunes themselves are quite a sight, especially in Colorado where most of the geography is prairie and mountains, but over the years, outdoor sports lovers have adopted a new summer sport called dune skiing. Some even find dune hill skiing easier as sand creates friction rather than slickness like the snow and ice of the snow ski hills. Find out more about this wacky sport and the park it occurs in here:

Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado

Mountain traffic is something Coloradans are used to, but it usually occurs closer to ski areas than to any national parks! But the Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park is a major draw for visitors and locals alike as it takes drivers through the park, showing off views from an elevation of over 11,000 feet at times. Wildlife abounds, from marmots to elk and ptarmigans to bighorn sheep. Make sure to allow time for passing elk, slow turns, and plenty of stops for pictures on this road to the summit.

Loveland Pass, Colorado

Instead of taking I-70 up to the ski resorts, or back from them, why not check out Loveland Pass and take the scenic route! At nearly 12,000 feet, this road winds through the mountains south of the interstate, passing by Dillon, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Arapahoe Basin all in one trip! Anyone with a fear of heights may want to stick to the main highway, but if you want some great mountain views where you can pull off and take pictures, Loveland Pass is a great alternative to get through the mountains. Learn more at

Mile High Marketplace, Henderson, Colorado

Once called Mile High Flea Market, this marketplace is a great stop while you’re in Denver for souvenirs, games, rides, and food. More than just an outdoor market, you can find souvenirs, antiques, food like turkey legs, roasted peppers, kettle corn and more. Another unique feature is the amusement park area where you can ride a roller coaster, a giant slide or a few other classic carnival type rides. Open year round, this is a great place to shop, play, eat, and even catch the occasional concert! Find out more at

D-Note, Arvada, Colorado

This unique spot nestled in Olde Town Arvada, northwest of Denver, is truly a one of a kind club. Music, dance lessons, trivia nights, and food are all served up regularly at the D Note. Whether you wanted to stop in for dinner, or maybe get a spot on the schedule to have your band perform, you’ll find more than you expected. Learn more about what’s on the D Note event schedule at

Westminster Promenade, Westminster, Colorado

With 24 theater auditoriums, the Promenade is the place to go if you want options for your movie night. But there’s more to the Promenade than the movie theater: you’ll also find restaurants, a bowling alley, ice skating rink, and the Westin Hotel in this spot. If you’ve got lots of time, you could even head over to the Butterfly Pavilion, just down the street. Entertainment galore, you’re sure to find something for everyone at Westminster Promenade! Check out what’s going on at the Promenade here:

Flatiron Crossing, Broomfield, Colorado

Appease your urge to shop at Flatiron Crossing Mall in Broomfield, just a quick drive from Boulder or Denver, this mall could take you a few days to explore all of it! More than just a mall, Flatiron covers a large area with stores and restaurants all over. There’s even a shuttle to take you back to the area of the parking lot where you left your car if you wander a little far off! Flatiron has a movie theater, indoor food court, and an amazing Christmas display, so if you’ve got some shopping to do, start here for a beautiful mall and plenty of options! Check out Flatiron Crossing at

Denver Aquarium, Denver, Colorado

If you didn’t get enough underwater adventures at the Denver Zoo, check out the Denver Aquarium for more seafaring fun! The aquarium has a wide variety of exhibits, covering several types of ecological systems. Everything from rainforest exhibits to coral reefs can be found here. But once the tour’s over, you can hang out and have dinner at the restaurant which surrounds an enormous centerpiece aquarium with tropical fish from all over the world. The aquarium has plenty of programs to keep the kids entertained and educated, like their Marine Biologist for a day program. For more information on this inland underwater experience, visit

Snarf’s Sub Shop, Boulder, Colorado

You haven’t truly experienced Colorado dining without a trip to Snarf’s! A sandwich shop originating in Boulder, Snarf’s has some of the classics like a Meatball sub, but it also has delectable surprises like an eggplant parmesan sandwich. The bread alone is a treat! To enjoy some great subs and a cool laid-back environment, check out Snarf’s sub shop! The restaurant has expanded to a few other places in Colorado, so if you’re headed to somewhere besides Boulder, check out their website at for more locations.

Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver, Colorado

If you want to explore 23 acres of beautiful flora in the middle of a city like Denver, the Botanic Gardens is the place to go. Gardens, sculptures, events, and exhibits cover the grounds and there’s something new around every corner. The Botanic Gardens is also host to a few concerts and events throughout the year, and draws visitors from all over wanting to discover the beauty of the landscaping and unique plant species that are found here. Visit to find out more about this beautifully sculpted oasis just south of downtown Denver.

Water World, Westminster, Colorado

For some fun in the summer sun, come to Water World! Just like the name says, this water park is full of rides, wave pools, and attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Check out Thunder Bay and try to keep your head above water as the waves roll in, or take a ride to the Journey to the Center of The Earth and meet some dinosaurs on the other side. There are so many rides and slides to go on while you’re here, you’ll want to get an early start to try them all! Just don’t forget your sunscreen–the Colorado sun comes in a little stronger a mile high. Check out for more information about this cool water park.


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